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It’s easy to see why Howth is a favourite among property purchasers. Rugged coastlines, wild, rolling hills, a bustling working fishing port and a pier that remains a perennial favourite with Sunday strollers – this dreamy destination is also less than 10 miles (15 km) from Dublin city centre.
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Situated on the peninsula of Howth Head, Howth is an outer suburb of North-East Dublin.
Though once an island, this picture-perfect fishing village is now connected to the mainland through the narrow tombolo occupied by the affluent area of Sutton.  
The regional road the R105 runs to its endpoint here and offers a handsome coastal drive that takes you along Dublin Bay into Fairview and the city centre.  
The village is also well-served by public transport. Howth is one of the two northern termini of the DART suburban rail system and Dublin Bus runs its regular 31 service (which includes the 31A and 31B) from the city centre to the fishing port.
Being on the Northside means that the village is close to Dublin International Airport too – a mere 30-minute drive, in fact.


History and Attractions

This pretty peninsula village is one of Ireland’s oldest areas, having been settled since prehistoric times. It has a fascinating history that takes in Vikings, Normans and even 16thcentury pirate queens!
Yep, local lore says that the Irish queen and pirate Gráinne Mhaol (Grace O’Malley) found herself unwelcomed by the Earl of Howth at his Castle home. Not one to take a rebuff lightly, she kidnapped the toff’s grandson and heir until he agreed to never turn surprise visitors from his door again!
A Martello Tower, one of the many built around the coasts of Ireland during the Napoleonic Wars to warn of an imminent French invasion, mirrors two other towers built on the islands off Howth’s coast - Ireland’s Eye and the privately owned, Lambay. 
There are regular daily boat tours to Ireland’s Eye, which is less than 1km off the harbour’s shore. It’s a bird and marine animal sanctuary and therefore home to curlews, seals and puffins and other fascinating fauna.
But, it’s the picturesque harbour, built in the 1800s by the great Scottish civil engineer John Rennie, that is the beating heart of Howth. Alongside the fishing boats, a dry dock, ice-making plant and boat maintenance sheds provide jobs – as well as undeniable colour - to the local area. There’s also an old 19th-century lighthouse at the far end of the east pier.  
The west pier is home to Howth’s popular sailing and yacht clubs and boasts a swanky marina clubhouse built back in 1987.


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Hillside Hikes and Beaches

But history’s not the only attraction of this lovely little seaside village: Howth is also known as a hiker’s paradise with many walks to take you through gorse-and-heather-clustered hills and along cliffs paths. 
Outdoor types will also enjoy a ramble south along the strand to Burrow Beach and one of the best sandy swimming spots on Dublin’s Northside, the Hole in the Wall.
And whether you’ve spent a day on the waves or hilltop hiking, the cherry on the cake is that there are close to 30 restaurants (many of them specialty seafood eateries offering fish fresh out of the nets) in which to work off your appetite.


Property Prices

Of course, all of these traits make Howth a property hotspot, which, in turn, means that house prices here tend to be higher than almost anywhere else on the Northside.
And while you expect some serious shillings to be invested in the many sea-facing palatial pads, there are typically hefty price tags on standard family home here too. 
A two-bedroom house will set you back around €300,000 while the average asking price for a four-bed is in the range of €650,000.
But it’s not just leafy roads, hilltop nooks, and island views that push the prices up; Many houses in this historic village are rich in classical architecture and charm and you may find Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian dwellings on your hunt for the perfect home.  
That’s not to say there aren’t bargains to be had, however. If you’re willing to put location before size, you may be lucky in getting something within a lower price range.


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Family Friendly

A further attraction of this gorgeous seaside village is its strong community spirit.  Ask any local what they love about their hometown and they’ll likely give you this as an answer. It’s one of the many reasons why Howth appeals to young couples, families and retirees alike.
For families, another bonus is the fact that while there’s only one national school in Howth itself, there are five others close by in Sutton and Baldoyle.
Secondary school-goers are also spoilt for choice with St. Fintan’s Boys School, Santa Sabina Girls School and the private Sutton Park all in nearby Sutton, with another four of five post-primary education facilities in Baldoyle, Raheny and Clontarf.


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