Why You Should Embrace Sustainability When Redesigning Your Home

Why You Should Embrace Sustainability When Redesigning Your Home

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Let’s set the scene.


After enduring months on end of living surrounded by the same four walls, you find yourself thinking enough is enough – it’s time to change things up a bit.


You decide your home needs an entire overhaul, a fresh look to make it feel brand new again – somewhere you can enjoy living in.


You set to work coming up with ideas but, with interior design not really being your forte, you find it difficult to source inspiration. If you’re also a bit of an eco-warrior at heart you might also worry about how much impact the redecorating work will have on your carbon footprint.


So, what exactly should you do? Is it even possible to improve your home while being sustainable at the same time?


Sustainable = Stylish



In answer to the question above – yes, it is absolutely possible to redecorate your home while acting in an eco-friendly manner.


In fact, doing so could offer a number of added benefits to your home and living situation, some of which we have highlighted for you below.


Join us as we run through three of the key reasons we think you should redesign your home with sustainability in mind.


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1. It’ll Reduce Your Total Waste



Within the current climate, we all, as consumers, are far too wasteful.


You only have to look at the stats: 6.6 million tonnes worth of household food waste is thrown away each year, 70% of which is perfectly edible; household water waste accounts for almost 900 billion gallons of water annually nationwide; and the average family of four consumes over 2,700 items of plastic each year, wasting at least 40kg of it per household.


Those are some big numbers but, by redecorating your home with sustainability in mind, you could help substantially bring down your personal household’s total waste.


Recycling, upcycling or repurposing your existing furniture, for example, can be an effective way of keeping any goods you no longer need out of the landfill, transforming them into something which looks brand new again instead.


Similarly, opting for products that have been made from recycled materials – such as curtains, throws and other textiles – can also keep your home's carbon footprint down, while investing in an outside rain saver butt will provide your property with a much eco-friendlier source of water to use.


2. It’ll Save You Money



When your home is in dire need of an upgrade, it can be all too easy to worry about the up-front costs involved in the work.


However, don’t be put off by this – depending on how you choose to redesign your home, it could actually work out being fairly cost-effective over the long run.


This is because technology has evolved leaps and bounds in recent years, with many new home gadgets, appliances and even pieces of furniture now designed with sustainability in mind.


From smart thermostats to renewable heating systems, there are several smart decor options available which not only look great but can also help bring down your monthly bills, reducing your energy usage while doing good at the same time.


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3. It’ll Make Your Home Feel More Unique



When it comes to redesigning homes, many homeowners will often flock to their nearest Swedish flat-pack furniture store and end up with the same furniture that everyone else has.


Therefore, by choosing to renovate using more sustainably-sourced materials, you will automatically give your home an added slice of uniqueness and a certain ‘wow’ factor for your guests to stand and admire.


Whether it be through investing in upcycled furniture, shopping for preloved goods at a local recycling centre, or browsing second-hand charity shops for a few added extras, there are several great ways to redecorate your home in an eco-friendly way.


Plus, it could save you a fortune over splashing out on brand-new furniture and other home products, giving you some extra money to play with on other areas of your home improvement project.


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Final Thoughts…



Redesigning your home can be an incredibly exciting thing to do, leaving you with a base where you can feel as comfortable as possible.


However, in light of climate change, it’s important to bear the environment in mind when you come to actually do it. The last thing you want, after all, is to end up with a home that’s incredibly energy inefficient to run, uneconomical to maintain, and actually increases your overall carbon footprint.


Designing your home with sustainability in mind is, therefore, one of the best ways to avoid this from happening, not only providing you with a unique home that you love the look of but also ensuring you continue doing your bit to protect the planet.