What You Need to Know About Commuting On An E Scooter

What You Need to Know About Commuting On An E Scooter


With the upcoming changes in Irish legislation on electric scooters - we’re going to see a significant increase in growth and many more of them on the street.


For many, the electric scooter will change the way they commute to and from work - offering a fast, quick and affordable means of travel in our towns and cities.


Often, commuting options play a big role in choosing where to buy so the changes to legislation opens up additional opportunities and locations.  Properties that aren't near transport options become a viable choice.  


Zipping your way through the crowd filled streets is a great way of getting to your destination, not to mention the ease of parking compared to a car. It is also cheaper to buy, run and maintain than a car. If you've never ridden one before then check out the guide by Green Electric Scooter which provides information on how a beginner should maintain balance and ride an e-scooter.


What do you need before Riding an Electric Scooter?




Electric Scooter


The first thing you need is an e-scooter. There are lots of choices online so make sure you research pros and cons of different brands and price points.  Also read the reviews online.  If you have a store near you, it's definitely worth checking them out in person and even test driving if that's on offer.


Safety Equipment


The most crucial (and obvious) piece of safety equipment is a helmet.  While you're getting comfortable with an e-scooter you can consider knee and elbow pads although we aren't sure how much cruising you'll want to do in that get up.  Could be worth wearing while practicing out of the public eye just while you're gaining confidence though!



Practice Spot


Finding the best spot to practice riding the scooter is important. Places with a lot of people and traffic are not the best. Find a quiet street to zoom up and down or an empty parking lot. 


Make sure to build up from quiet spots to busy streets to make sure you're comfortable befor eyou start commuting at peak hour!  The other thing to practice is parking. 


It's great to pull up and park alongside an empty curb but think about crammed inner-city parking. Realistically, riding an e-scooter isn't hard so it's really just about building confidence before heading to work Monday morning.


How To Ride An E-Scooter?


The first thing is to learn to balance the scooter on two wheels. Since the scooter tires are much smaller than a motorbike's, you can easily find your balance. First, you should find your dominant foot before learning to balance on an e-scooter. If you have ridden a manual scooter, you already know which one is your dominant foot. If not, you should determine the position that you are most comfortable with. In fact, you can easily learn to ride the scooter after a few tries. 


How to Balance on an Electric Scooter?


Once you have got the foot position locked down, you should learn to balance the e-scooter. Keep your weight centered by holding both handlebars. Place one foot down in case you feel like you are about to fall. Once you learn the basics of balancing the scooter, it becomes a lot easier when the scooter is running.


Riding Steps

  • First, unfold the e-scooter and raise the scooter to an upright position, and turn the power on.
  • Some scooters may power on differently while some may even need a key to start the unit.
  • Look at the LCD or LED display to see if there is enough battery life to practice learning to ride the scooter.
  • Get used to the braking and acceleration mechanics of the scooter. Most units will have hand brakes and acceleration buttons.
  • If you practice on a Razor scooter, you should use the twist grip to throttle as well as the squeeze brake as the hand brakes. A Razor scooter is designed so that you don't have to do two things at the same time with one hand.
  • Once you have grasped the basic controls, accelerate the scooter slowly. If you press the accelerator abruptly, you may fall off the scooter.
  • Some scooters come with different riding modes. In case you own one of these models, use the slowest riding mode when you are learning to ride the scooter.
  • Operating an electric scooter is quite simple. But you should keep on practicing until you have gained enough confidence. You can try to ride to your destination once you have gained enough confidence to do so.


Tips and Tricks



Avoiding Accidents


Stay calm even if you have lost control of the electric scooter. In case you are cruising at a slower speed, you can jump off the scooter before it falls down. If you panic, it may cause you more harm in the process.




Practice is important to perfect the riding of the scooter. In fact, you should have enough confidence by practicing riding the scooter before you decide to cruise through crowd-filled stress and sidewalks. Once you have perfected the acceleration and braking without being confused, you are actually ready to go. Every commute should be treated as a practice session - especially for anyone who is new to operating an electric scooter.


Why are we talking about e-scooters?


There have been a number of property reports that show proximity to a LUAS stop in Dublin significantly increases house prices. 


The same has been seen in other counties for bus stops & access to motorways.  The option to ride an e-scooter doesn't just allow you to dodge traffic and find a park easily but it also opens up your property options. 


Now you can look for a home that's within budget and has your other lifestyle needs, even without access to transport on your doorstep.  That's a pretty big deal!