Things You Need to Consider Before Paving Your Driveway

Things You Need to Consider Before Paving Your Driveway


Driveways are essential parts of your home or commercial property because they guide the entry and exit of vehicles from your garage or parking area.


Driveways also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial building by making the exterior look neat and safe. The driveway can be a wise investment in improving the real estate value of your property for years to come.


As such, paving your driveway needs careful planning and protective measures for it to last and stay in excellent shape for several decades.


Read on to know about the things you need to consider before paving your driveway and how you can make informed decisions to improve your property’s exterior.


Inspect and Choose a Paved Driveway Type


You may already be picturing a sleek and smooth driveway for your home or commercial building, but this may not be what you will eventually have in reality.


There are certain factors that you need to include in your selection of the most suitable paved driveway. These include the size or area of the prospective driveway, cost of the materials, soil type, topography, weather conditions, and other factors.


You also need to know the projected costs of your paved driveway options. You can contact several contractors to give you a quote on block paving prices and the projected prices of other driveway types you have in mind. Budget is an essential constraint that you need to cover while you are still deciding on the type of driveway you want to build or renovate.


You might have to forgo building your preferred driveway if its construction does not go well with the factors mentioned earlier. In addition, your driveway preference will cost you more if you decide to go through with it.


For example, going with an asphalt or concrete driveway on a sloping surface may seem like a cost-efficient and stylish option, but it can be complicated to construct and potentially unsafe due to reduced traction, especially when wet.


Going around it means you’ll spend more to have the incline reduced or eliminated through excavation. Paving stones and resin-bound driveways are excellent options that you can choose.





A quote or projection of the possible expenses may not give the exact figures, but it gives you a rough idea of how much you’ll need to set aside for the driveway construction.


The cost of the materials is a significant factor where you also should not compromise quality and durability. Another factor to consider is the service cost of the contractor.


It can be tempting to hire paving contractors who charge cheap but you are unsure of their reliability and workmanship.


Balancing material quality and contractor reputation is critical in achieving a durable and beautiful driveway that is built to last.


Lastly, err on the side of caution when you have doubts about your actual budget. It’s better to have more than enough money to cover unexpected expenses that might come up.




As much as possible, be practical with your choice of driveway paving when it comes to maintenance. Concrete is a popular choice among homeowners because of its low maintenance requirement and durability.


If you opt for other types of paved driveway, be sure to talk with your contractor about how you can keep your driveway in excellent condition and looking new for a long time.


Asphalt driveways have specific maintenance steps to follow from the first few days after their installation, to the completion of the curing period, and the subsequent maintenance needed to keep them in great shape.


Some of the general maintenance steps you can take regardless of the driveway paving material are regular ocular inspections, checking for and repairing depressions, cracks, or holes, minimizing water on the driveway, and protecting the sides of the driveway.


Regular cleaning and application of seal coatings are also ways of maintaining keeping the driveway beautiful for a long time.



Hire a Reputable Paving Contractor


Some technical aspects need to be included in planning and constructing your driveway. Your initial inspection and measurements can help with getting quotes and recommendations from your prospective contractors.


They will also conduct their own land measurements and surveys for inclination, the grade level of the current driveway, drainage adjustments, and the removal of existing driveways. Your contractor will also assess the base condition and the possible addition of crushed limestone for proper drainage.


They will also ensure that the newly paved driveway is more or less the same level as the surrounding grade.


Knowing what a reliable contractor does before or during construction is just a part of your research in hiring one. Check online for recommended contractors in your area or ask for recommendations from your neighbors, family members, or friends.


Checking the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website for paving companies with excellent ratings is another reliable reference. Select at least three contractor candidates and get quotes from each of them. Compare their pricing, extent of services offered, and warranty.


The more detailed the quote provided to you, the closer it is to the actual price of the contractor’s service.



Coordinate with the Project Details


For your driveway construction project to proceed smoothly, check if there are construction permits or other paperwork needed for the construction to commence.


Your contractor will also give a realistic construction project timeline, particularly on when the project will commence and get completed. You will also be informed of possible downtimes to allow you to make adjustments routines outside of your home.


Coordinating with your contractor will let you know the type of asphalt or other materials used, the pavement width, thickness, compacting details, and curing time. You will also be informed of the maintenance schedules and estimated resurfacing dates in the future.


Planning your driveway project thoroughly, getting a reputable contractor, and covering all construction costs are crucial to the success of your driveway construction.


Paving service providers who give detailed and thorough contracts and handle extra tasks are what you need to ensure that your driveway is constructed with maximum durability and aesthetic impact.


Lastly, with proper communication between you and your contractor, your driveway will emerge as a wonderful work of art and a smart investment.