10 Scents That Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing this Season!

10 Scents That Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing this Season!

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Who doesn’t love a good smelling home? The scent of our home is usually the first thing guests notice when they come in. It’s also the first thing you notice and there’s nothing better than being greeted by deliciousness.


Smells affect our mood, and can make all the difference in turning a stressful day into a relaxing evening, or adding the right touch of warmth to a room. Whether it's a scented candle, a handy spray, or a diffuser, the options for filling your home with fragrances you love are limitless. But, how do you go about finding the scents and smells that are just right for you?


You sit back, relax and browse through our collection of amazing scents that will bring stunning aromas to your rooms, or make the perfect gift for any occasion.


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We love something outside the norm when it comes to scents!  Forget vanilla and embrace black peppercorn.  It’s not as bold as you might think, especially when fused with other warm scents.  You’ll find a perfect blend of its luxuriously spicy scent in this Molton Brown Single Wick Candle.


Molton Brown Single Wick Candle



Another unique scent from Molton Brown is their Russian Leather that is a single-wick candle in a stunning smokey blue colour. It’s a distinct scent reminiscent of the bygone leather-making craft. The tempered aged leather notes meld with fresh Siberian pine oil and cade wood oil that lets off a delightfully warm and cosy aroma.


Russian Leather


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For something more fresh and soothing, Sara Miller’s White Tea Bergamot & Mint Candle is simply divine. Pretty enough to be used as decor, this candle is infused with fresh mint leaves, citrus overtones and the beautiful aroma of white and black teas. The subtle fragrance would suit any room in the house, and also make a lovely gift for someone near and dear.


Sara Miller’s White Tea Bergamot & Mint Candle



Aside from candles, a reed diffuser is another popular way to bring those gorgeous smells into your home. To increase the longevity of your diffuser, choose a scent that comes with refills!


Organics London Happiness


With so many fragrances to choose from, you can opt for an upbeat and crisp scent like the Organics London Happiness from Neom Organics, or for something more mellow that encourages a good night’s sleep the Neom Organics Scent to Sleep Tranquility Reed Diffuser is an ideal choice.


Scent to Sleep Tranquility Reed Diffuser


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If you enjoy a more musky and warm scent around the house, the Tobacco Absolute Aroma Reeds from Molton Brown carries the perfect cedar, nutmeg and rosewood notes that are infused with tobacco scents, rich leather, and grapefruit.


Tobacco Absolute Aroma Reeds



To keep memories alive of your last beach holiday, (or to spend some time daydreaming of your next visit) the Irish sourced La Bougie Coconut & Hibiscus Diffuser is what you need. It smells so good, you could almost eat it.


La Bougie Coconut & Hibiscus Diffuser


La Bougie also has a beautiful Mission Fig Diffuser that’s not just pretty to look at, but also gives off the wonderful scents of fig leaves, parched earth, and blonde wood.


Mission Fig Diffuser


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And, lastly, if candles and diffusers aren’t your thing, or if you just prefer a quick spray or spritz to freshen up your home with a gentle or fruity smell, the Wild Fig Parfum d'Interieur from Rituals might be what you’re looking for.


Wild Fig Parfum d'Interieur from Rituals



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