Super Stylish Storage Solutions

Super Stylish Storage Solutions

Interior Design

Did you know that the average Irish home is actually getting smaller? As we build more homes, they are getting a little more compact! And the Census showed that for the first time since 1966 our households are getting bigger.


So what do we need? (Other than a Euromillions win or a relocation abroad).  Clever AND stylish storage solutions!


We have chosen our absolute favourite pieces of furniture that don’t just look amazing but also offer super functional storage options.  And forget any preconceived notions that storage is dull because we can promise these 5 pieces are anything but!


#1 Precious Trunk



This trunk genuinely is precious! Constructed from salvaged Indian hardwood door panels, it’s a unique one-of-a-kind piece that would make a statement in any room. 


We love it as a coffee table, where you can also store extra pillows and throw blankets inside, a feature in your entryway or even at the foot of your bed!


#2 Tata Truck Home Bar



It’s becoming more & more popular to set up entertaining spaces within your home and nothing is going to wow your guests more than this Tata Truck home bar!


With only one available in white and one in black, you know it’s a truly unique showpiece. Made from a real, re-salvaged Tata truck front it has reclaimed neem wood top and two working front lights.


Not confined to only being used as a home bar, you could go bold and install it as a kitchen island, use it as an indoor or outdoor breakfast bar and more!


#3 Turquoise Pittari Trunk

You would be hard pressed to find storage prettier than this turquoise trunk!  We also love that it’s a bit taller than regular trunks as it’s set on original wooden wheels. 


The deep trunk means it’s extra functional for storage of anything and everything really!



#4 Sedan Wood Cabinet with Shelves



What’s better than beautiful storage?  When it’s flexible too!  We love that this cabinet offers open shelves where you can display collectible items and then utilise the cupboards for things you want to store out of sight. 


Perfect as a sideboard in your dining room, extra storage and decoration in your living room and even as personal storage in your bedroom - we can picture a stunning jewellery collection on top and on the shelves.


#5 Viking Sideboard


We feel like everyone needs a Viking sideboard in their life (and home).  Delivering some history and a visual impact into your living, dining or bedroom.  If you’re feeling adventurous, this could make a stunning bathroom vanity too! 


This piece is all about the details, from shades of green patina showing through to the floral pattern brass detail embossed in the original panel, this is one very special sideboard.



If you’re feeling excited about storage, there are many more stunning options to check out! Boasting the largest collection in Ireland, Home STREET Home showcases Irish designs and individual statement pieces from around the world.