The Perfect Christmas Tree 2021

The Perfect Christmas Tree 2021

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‘Tis the season to dust off the mantle, bring out the tinsel and most importantly, set up the tree! With the festive season fast approaching, your Christmas Tree is a focal point thanks to the size, decorations and flashing lights.  More than a centrepiece, it is the one thing families gather around to exchange presents, chat over drinks and nibbles and just ultimately spend time together.


Christmas is unfathomable without a tree. Bringing the tree home, choosing where to set it up, and decorating it are key holiday traditions.  Only then does it really feel like Christmas!


So, if you're looking at taking your tree game up a notch this year, we've found our favourite trees, decorations, lights and bases.  


Tremendous Trees 


Buying an artificial tree has environmental benefits, and is a practical purchase. The Puleo Colorado Spruce can brighten up any living room. The slim style and realistic finish can fit into small corners, and the 7.5-foot length gives it a larger than life feel. Verdant green and incredibly detailed, the Colorado Spruce looks like a real tree but without the shedding needles. 


Puleo Colorado Spruce


The Kensington will turn heads. Standing 6-feet tall, its hyper-realistic needles are finished with a pastoral-green shade that is pleasing to the eye and makes for the perfect base on which to add your decorations. Traditional, yet modern, the Kensington can be coupled with cookies and mulled wine to create a warm and inviting Christmas atmosphere in your home.


Kensington 6ft Artificial Tree


The silver fox of artificial trees, Puleo’s offering of the Kelford Flocked tree, is on-trend. Boasting snow capped needles, the effect of a perfectly frosted tree is delectable. Finishing off at an impressive 7.5-feet, the Kelford can be dressed up with intense red, or sparkly greens. Add this frosted tree to your must-have list this Christmas.


Kelford Flockedn Tree


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Lighten Up The Mood

Noma has a great collection of lights to choose from to brighten up your Christmas tree. You could go for something trendy with these Pastel LED Berry lights, for diffused, warm, and pleasant mood lighting.  If you choose to go with over the top decorations, the pastels of the Berry lights can provide an unassuming undertone highlighting the baubles.


Pastel LED Berry Lights


If you’re going for a more vintage look this year, these Pear Bulb Lights by Noma will give your decor just the right touch. Warm and ambient, they can add a special glow to your season of festivities.


Pear Bulb Lights by Noma


For a unique pizazz, opt for these precious Mini Firework lights. The starburst filaments are imbued with warm white light, giving it the impression of glowing flowers. Wrap your Christmas tree with these and they will be the highlight of the season.


Mini Firework Lights


Manifest magic into your home with these Magic Candle Lights. The battery-operated, remote-controlled candle flicker gives the impression of the real thing. These floating candles will cast a spell on your festivities, making everything magical. All you have to say is Lumos!


Magic Candle Lights


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Covering your Bases


It takes a lot of support to keep the Christmas tree standing tall but that does not necessarily mean it needs to be visible. There are two ways you can conceal the unsightly metal support. You can drape it with this beautiful Kurt S. Adler Sequin Trim tree skirt. Complete with a floral motif, and sparkling sequins, it will elevate your Christmas tree’s aesthetic.


Kurt S. Adler Sequin Trim Tree Skirt


Or, give the base of your tree a more solid look with Kaemingk’s Iron Tree Ring. The muted gold ring embossed with pretty snowflakes will enhance your decorations and hide the imperfections of the base. It’s a win-win situation.


Kaemingk’s Iron Tree Ring


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Go With A Theme


When decorating a Christmas tree it’s best to have a theme in mind, otherwise it will end up looking like a Jackson Pollock painting - abstract and a bit all over the place. We’ve observed fashion trends for this festive season and specially curated two themes for you to choose from.


Playful Pink


Add a blush of pink to your Christmas with this Kurth S. Adler Pink Bauble set. The set of 20 comes in both matt and metallic finish to give your tree a layered feel. 


Kurth S. Adler Pink Bauble Set


Build upon the pink theme with these absolutely gorgeous glittery Decorative Gifts with Bows by Kaemingk. They can be placed on the mantle, as pretty placeholders at the Christmas dinner table, or sat underneath the tree.


Decorative Gifts with Bows by Kaemingk


The Glitter Berry Spray is another great addition that is minimal but has a great impact on the overall theme and decoration of your tree. Interspersed between the baubles it can enhance the look of your tree and add another layer of sparkle.


Glitter Berry Spray


Reflecting rainbows within its facets, these Hummingbird Tree Decorations by Gisela Graham will add that sweet note to your Christmas. Turn your living room into an enchanted forest where hummingbirds flit around the pink-tipped tree.


Hummingbird Tree Decorations by Gisela Graham


Go for a DIY project by making your own wreath. The Harvest Moon Wreath Kit by Paper Daisy keeps in with the pink theme and can be a great way for the family to come together on a project.


The Harvest Moon Wreath Kit by Paper Daisy


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Glamorous Gold


Set the tone for a glamorous Christmas by choosing the Champagne Gold Bauble Set by Kurt S Adler. The mix and match of matt and metallic finish baubles come in a set of 20, providing the best base for the rest of your decorations. 


Champagne Gold Bauble Set by Kurt S Adler


Speaking of tree decorations, choose from these three delectable ornaments to spruce up your tree game. The Golden Carriage ornament adds a certain Cinderella magic without the midnight curfew. Add a splash of red to your tree with this Crystal Heart decoration because, what is Christmas without love? This glittery Owl Decoration is not only adorable but the detailed wings and crystal eyes will jazz up your tree!


Golden Carriage Ornament


Crystal Heart Decoration


Owl Decoration


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