Multi-functional garden buildings to suit your lifestyle

Multi-functional garden buildings to suit your lifestyle


Lockdown has made many of us see our gardens in a different light. We never realised how important the humble back garden was until it became our only accessible outdoor space.


Through the trials and tribulations of 2020, those with gardens have been able to breathe fresh air, feel the sun on their skin, and listen to the birdsong. Gardens have been an incredible blessing for those lucky enough to have them.


We’ve also begun to realise the incredible potential that gardens have. They aren’t just spaces outside where you hold the occasional barbeque.


They can be so much more. From vegetable gardens to yoga studios to shady retreats from busy domestic life, gardens can and should enhance your life to its fullest potential.



Garden buildings are a great way to make your garden work for you. They add shelter, comfort, interest, storage, and more to your space. The right building can have a multitude of functions that helps you to get the absolute most out of your garden.


Far beyond somewhere to store your lawnmower, modern garden buildings can help you to work, play, and (when we’re allowed to again!) socialise.


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Let’s take a look at what the right garden building can do for you:


Different uses for garden buildings


When you say ‘garden building’, people typically think of two things: sheds and gazebos.


Sheds are often designated as ‘man caves’, or used to store tools, lawnmowers, that kind of thing. Gazebos are shady spots to sit on a sunny day.


Both of them are pretty single-purpose. Sure, people have been getting creative with their sheds during lockdown, turning them into everything from miniature PPE factories to online classrooms – but ultimately their design is pretty basic. Sheds aren’t built to stand the test of time, and they’re not appropriate for intensive use.


With a well-designed, professionally built garden building, however, the sky’s the limit!


What’s your favourite thing to do? What’s the space you’ve always dreamed of? What kind of space could enhance your life, help your career, or simply provide you with a nice place to relax?



Perhaps you love yoga. Your garden building could be a yoga studio! Love making music? Some great tracks have been recorded in garden studios.


Want to write the next Booker winner? Set up a writing room in your garden. A spare room for guests, a craft studio, somewhere to paint, your own personal pub…the options are limitless! All you need is an idea, and the right professional to build it for you.


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Creating the best multi-functional garden building


If you think you’d like to make use of your garden building for a variety of different functions, consider how it could be built to be multi-purpose.


Clever use of storage solutions or room dividers could see you with an office space that quickly converts into a yoga studio, or a home cinema that doubles as a kitchenette for barbecues and outdoor social events.


Determining in advance how you want to use your building will ensure you can create a unique design that suits you. There’s no point getting big French windows if you want your space to be a private sanctuary, or neglecting to put in enough storage for your ever-growing board game collection.


Whatever you decide to use your new space for, you’ll want to make sure you consider things like insulation, soundproofing, heating solution, and the right kind of roofing.


“There are many options for roofing garden offices.” says roofing and building specialists Southern Sheeting. “But for easy and speedy installation whilst offering some insulation, we would advise buying insulated composite panels. These are a sandwich type panel with an external hard-wearing outer sheet.”


You’ll also need the perfect kind of windows to suit your needs, and to ensure that you can get the best of both worlds – a beautiful view of your garden and a cosy shelter from the elements.



It is always worth getting a professional outfit like us to build your new garden room for you. Not only can a professional advise on things like planning permission, they’ll also make sure that your garden sanctuary is solid, secure, and will stand the test of time. 


There’s a lot more to building a gorgeous, multi-functional, bespoke garden space than nipping to Homebase for a flatpack shed and some nails. If you want your garden building to be secure, comfortable, and long-lasting, you really do need that professional input.


What’s more, a professional will know how to put all these different and complex elements together in a way that’s elegant, multi-functional, and totally tailor-made to your needs.


Why put yourself through the stress and hassle of trying to cobble together a garden room yourself, when a professional outfit can do everything for you?


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Relax and enjoy!


Gardens are real blessings. With the right garden building, you can make sure your garden lives up to its full potential.


Whatever you want to do in your garden – build your career, practice your hobbies, or relax with friends – a well-planned & set up garden building will help you out.