How To Easily Sell Your Property in Today's Market

How To Easily Sell Your Property in Today's Market


Selling your house is a big deal! Whether it's where you currently live or it's an investment, more than likely it is your biggest asset.  And as such, the time, effort and care needs to be put in to selling it and making sure you receive the best price and in the shortest amount of time.  So we've had a look at some interesting ways you could consider taking your home sale to the next level.


Get Featured on a Property Show


A property show is a platform where vendors sell their products to potential buyers in one location. Real estate developers or professional associations often organise property shows. They are also held online for people to view homes that may suit their needs. Depending on whether you are located, these shows may or may not be popular. However, as is the case with, a Singaporean-based real estate company, many countries use these kinds of online property shows to list and sell their properties in the most efficient manner possible.


Outside of specific property sales shows, you can consider if your home would fit the criteria for any big property shows like Selling Houses.  If you think it is a good fit, reach out the shows producers.  It will get your property extra visibility if successful!



Find An Amazing Estate Agent


A pro-active and innovative estate agent can be a tremendous asset.  They should have a strong local database of buyers, understand how to maximise visibility through available marketing channels and have a steady stream of results to share with you. 


Never get pushed into signing with an Estate Agent that you don't feel is the right fit for you or your property.  Ask around, read reviews online, check out how many listings they have in your local area etc.  The other key benefit to a great Estate Agent is negotation. 


So once they have successfully marketed your property, they need the right skills to achieve the best outcome.  Ask many questions during initial conversations, particularly around how they handled difficult situations. 


It's more than okay to present scenarios and ask what they would do.  For example, there's only one interested buyer and they won't offer the asking price, how would they handle it.

So really, the key benefits are:

  • They will know the market and the best price to list your home.
  • They can manage the opens & arrange advertising.
  • They will often have extensive networks of potential buyers.
  • They can advise you about the things you need to do to increase the chances of a sale.
  • They will negotiate with potential buyers & can guide you through the legal process.



Increase Its Kerb Appeal


They say first impressions are everything and that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.  Both are true in the world of real estate!  A buyers impression of the rest of your home is likely formed as soon as they pull up out the front. 


So stand on the street outside and really have a hard look at t your home.  Is the paint peeling?  Is the grass patchy?  Are the gutters and piping hanging off?  Try to forget it's your home and assess what would put a buyer off.  Often it can be small fixes, like pressure hosing the exterior, that makes a big difference. 


Depersonalise It As Much As Possible


Selling your house is complicated, emotional, and full of unexpected surprises. It's important to depersonalise your home when you're on the market because it helps prospective buyers visualise themselves and their belongings in the space.  It also helps to make it look more like a show home and less cluttered. 


Look around each room and take down personal photos, places where you have lots of ornaments, even too many cushions on the sofa.  Pack them all away but do not hide them in cupboards!  Remember buyers want to see the entire house and that includes opening up storage spaces.  Consider packing them in boxes to store at a friend or family members house or in your garage if you have the space and it won't make it look cluttered.


If you're in the market to sell your home, the process may seem overwhelming, but with the right amount of research and support, you'll be ready to get your home listed and for sale in no time.