How To Design A New Kitchen With Sustainability In Mind

How To Design A New Kitchen With Sustainability In Mind

Interior Design

The kitchen is the heart of the home. From last-minute breakfasts before work to late-night drinks with friends, your kitchen needs to combine functionality with pleasing aesthetics.


If you are toying with the idea of overhauling your kitchen with a brand-new design, why not consider making your kitchen as eco-friendly as possible?


Let’s take a quick look at some beautiful ways you can add sustainability to your kitchen’s design.


Sustainable Materials



Sustainability, when it comes to materials, refers to those that provide environmental benefits throughout their lives. This includes where the materials are sourced or how they are made, the transportation, and the method of installation. Companies like House of Worktops have created their own unique zero-waste system of production where every single material is being used to create Eco-Fuel.


Natural woods such as bamboo and oak are a great natural resource that, if managed correctly, can offer a wonderful combination of aesthetic design with sustainable materials.


However, if these aren’t in your budget, consider installing a laminate worktop that has been sourced sustainably instead. These worktops offer an affordable way to create your desired kitchen look, while also looking out for the environment.

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Energy Efficient Lighting



Why light your kitchen with any old lightbulbs when you could use energy-efficient lights instead? Not only does energy-efficient lighting reduce your electricity bills, but it also releases less CO2 into the atmosphere, making it a much brighter choice!


Even adding dimmer switches to your lights lets you easily adjust the wattage, so you can decide when the lights should be brighter or when it’s time to conserve energy.


You could also replace your lightbulbs with LED bulbs. While the initial cost may be higher, LED bulbs last longer than regular lights and will also offer money-back through your energy savings.


Repurpose Used Items



More people than ever are repurposing old vintage pieces from their great grandparents into stylish furniture items or decorative pieces in their home upgrades.


Repurposing old items for the kitchen takes your dream design a step further. Not only does it reduce the amount of waste ending up in the landfills, but it also saves on your spending.


Check out sites like Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration on what to repurpose and how.


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Improve Home Insulation



Did you know that almost 90% of the heat in your home is lost through the doors, windows, walls, and roof due to ineffective insulation? That’s a lot of money spent on heating bills essentially blowing out the door.


Improving the insulation in your home not only conserves energy but also helps the environment. Your kitchen is a great place to insulate as it uses high levels of energy in all the appliances. As such, properly insulating your kitchen will keep your home warmer, reduce your energy bills, and help you do your bit for the environment.


Get Rid Of Pollution With Plants



Houseplants are trending. But they aren’t just a popular choice for home interiors because they look good – they also serve an important part in sustainability. Houseplants can clean the air in your home, reducing pollution in your kitchen and keeping the air healthy.


Introducing houseplants into your kitchen will also provide a sustainable source of delicious ingredients, such as chives, mint, and parsley.


Consider including houseplants in your kitchen design to brighten up your space but also save on your shopping bill and add organic produce into your meals.


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Energy Efficient Appliances



Did you know there are a number of energy-efficient appliances you can incorporate into your kitchen design? Not only does running your home more efficiently reduce your final energy bill amount, but it will also reduce your energy consumption, helping save the environment.


Energy-efficient appliances can be found in most appliance stores and can be seamlessly incorporated into most kitchen designs. If you want to go the extra mile with your sustainable kitchen design, energy-efficient appliances offer a great solution!


Final Thoughts…



Designing a truly sustainable kitchen doesn’t mean you must negate beautiful designs and stunning appliances. With a little extra planning and some thoughtful purchases, the two can go hand in hand.


It’s all about getting creative and thinking of those clever little changes you can make to increase your kitchen’s sustainability. Do that, and you’ll find yourself living a whole lot more sustainably in no time.