Hottest Bathroom Design Trends 2019

Hottest Bathroom Design Trends 2019

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We owe a great deal to our bathrooms. It’s not so common in our fast-paced, always-on lifestyles that we can find space for peace, rest and rejuvenation. Despite the never-ending barrages of busyness from work, family and friends, the smallest room in our homes never stops humbly inviting us to be at ease, to pause and to relax.


It’s easy to become enchanted by the bathroom’s peaceful allure; drawn in by indulgent candle-lit bathing sessions and luxurious pampering treatments. The bathroom is truly a necessary antithesis to the stress-promoting world in which we live.


It’s worth considering therefore, how to create an environment that you not only look forward to starting and ending each day in but one that’s stylish too. To that end, let’s take a look at some of the hottest bathroom trends that are set to take hold in 2019, and how you can incorporate them to take your bathroom experience to the next level.


Monochrome is Here to Stay:

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One thing that’s for sure is that the timeless appeal of a monochrome pallete is showing no signs of waning in 2019. With zen-like black and white tones that create a feeling of serenity and a graphic simplicity works in harmony with the bathroom’s functional nature, the absence of colourful hue invites us to slow down and to clear our mind of busy thoughts.


What’s more, it creates the perfect platform from which to add bold contrasting elements and interesting accents for maximum visual impact.


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Bringing Nature Inside:

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Plants are set to make their way indoors all over the home the home this year. While your parents might have had a statement golden pothos in the living room, 2019 is the time to introduce the soothing characteristics of plants to your bathroom.


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The steamy environs favour the tropical temperance of aloe vera, spider lilies, bamboo and sword ferns. Adding the power of greenery to your bathroom will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space but it’ll also help to calm your soul. Diarmuid Gavin eat your heart out.


The Spa Experience:

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The increase in the popularity of high-end spas over the last few is starting to make its mark on Irish bathrooms.


Nicking that bottle of luxury bodywash from Monart may have seemed like a good idea at the time, however it’s an undoubtedly slippery slope towards longing for a lavish home spa-style bathroom.


Think soft wood hues, glass shower screens and a renewed focus on off whites and attractive greys in wall and floor tiling.


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Wall mounted toilets, floor to ceiling shower frames, back-lit mirrors and attractive marble countertops will complete the look and help to re-create that sense of wellness associated with a weekend spent pampering yourself.


Black to basics:

Photo Credit: Sonos Bathrooms

Purley black taps, basins and showers were once considered the reserve of only high-end taste and budgets, however a growing number of folks are looking for alternatives to traditionally white and silver bathroom ware.


Darker coloured hardware and countertops make a dramatic impression, adding an air of sophistication and elegance to any bathroom.


We particularly like the new range of luxurious black bathroom elements from Irish-owned bathroom supplier SONAS. From slate shower trays, wet-room glass panels, showers, taps and accessories they have everything you need to indulge your dark side and complete the on-trend look.

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If stepping up your bathroom’s style game is on your 2019 to-do list then you can’t go wrong by taking inspiration from these four up-and-coming trends.


By sticking with a timeless monochrome colour scheme, adding up-scale spa elements such as wicker baskets and marble countertops, incorporating attractive plants and contrasting black accents you’ll have yourself a bathroom worthy of a house and home photoshoot.


What’s more is that you’ll have created a truly restorative sanctuary that has the power to boost your energy and bring a greater sense of peace and harmony into your home.