Go wild for patterns with these 14 statement pieces

Go wild for patterns with these 14 statement pieces

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In home decor and design, the power of patterns holds a unique place. Whether bold or subtle, patterned decor adds a focal point to any room in a home, and makes a strong statement.


From bed linens to simple decor pieces in your living room, a simple or vibrant patterned design can be a gamechanger. Patterns are also versatile, and can be mixed and matched to achieve an overall effect that pulls an entire room together.


And, because we have such a fondness for pretty patterns ourselves, we’ve collected our favourite ones to share with you, and hope they bring you some home decor inspiration, and perhaps a few pieces you can add to your own pattern collection.


Feeling Floral:


Floral patterns remain a classic. In the ever-evolving world of home design that sees trend after trend come and go, florals always seem to find a place.


Floral patterns work particularly well in bedroom design, and if incorporating more of it into your own bedroom is what you’d like to do, you could opt for something striking like the Flor Organic Cotton Duvet Set from John Lewis & Partners.


Flor Organic Cotton Duvet Set


If not the bed, then turn a part of your floor into a focal point with this stunning Garden of Eden Floor Rug from Mary Katrantzou.  This would work in any space, in fact you could have an empty room that is just a shrine for how fantastic this piece is! 


Garden of Eden Floor Rug



For smaller room design and decor items, a colourful floral patterned cushion added to a neutral sofa or, a bolder patterned pillow on your bed is a great way to add patterns you like now that are easy to swap out when it's time for something new.


Floral Patterned Cushion


JOULES Cambridge Garden 30x50cm Cushion French Navy


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However, floral patterns aren’t just limited to the bedroom or living room. They can also bring freshness and colour to your dinner table in little eye-catching and delightful pops like this gorgeous set of floral patterned cake forks from Maxwell & Williams.


Floral Patterned Cake Forks from Maxwell & Williams



Nature & Wildlife:


Another style of patterns that are popular in home design and decor, are nature and wildlife prints. They can add bursts of vibrant colour, and work beautifully as stand-alone focal points in any room of the home.


Silhouette Bird Cushion


Something as simple as a single Silhouette Bird Cushion can transform an ordinary sofa, or you can go with a bolder pattern on the floor and also add some texture with the hand-knotted Tibetan wool and silk Painted Lady Rug from Alexander McQueen.


Painted Lady Rug from Alexander McQueen


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And, whether you’re style is a bit quirky, or you just love a good conversation starter for your guests, you can’t go wrong with a vibrant Flamingo Lamp placed strategically on a side table or console.


Flamingo Lamp



Beautifully Bold:


Boldly contrasting patterns draw the eye and add colour pops, as well as texture to a room.  Adding one bold pattern to a room is the safest way to include such a loud piece.  If you want to be really out there you can play with two.  This is much harder to pull off, but when you get it right the reward is greater too.


Modern Swirl from Paul Smith


A vibrant rug like the Modern Swirl from Paul Smith is the perfect example of using contrast to glam-up any space, or create a richly textured focal point. For a more retro-themed pattern, there’s the Iviv Pink Rug from Ted Baker and Brooklyn Flooring.


Iviv Pink Rug


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In the dining room or kitchen, a set of colourful patterned plates like these vibrant ones from Wedgwood can make a striking contrast to a plain table.



WEDGWOOD Wonderlust Plates 20cm - Set of 4


Or for something more subtle; but with a pop of colour, the Pacific Splash 16 Piece Set from Royal Doulton would be an ideal choice.


Pacific Splash 16 Piece Set


No matter which style or theme you choose, patterns are powerful and can transform a small space or an entire home with little to no effort. So, we hope you tap into the power of patterns and continue to create some wonderful focal points and patterned themes in your home decor journey.


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