Go Scandi-Chic with your Bedroom Design

Go Scandi-Chic with your Bedroom Design

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Minimal, functional, clean and crisp is what Scandi-chic design is all about. It’s a style you’ve probably seen everywhere, from celebrity interiors and home renovation shows to Instagram feeds showcasing minimalist home decor, and of course the famed Ikea who turned simple and calming home design and decor into more than just a trend.


Whatever the case, Scandi-chic design is here to stay!  If you’re looking for a zen and minimialist space with clean lines and neutral tones, then Scandi-chic is the style for you.


Keep reading for some clever ideas of how to mix old and new styles, choosing the right furniture and decor for your bedroom, and achieving that super simplistic and stylish look.


We’re doing it piece by scandi-chic piece, so here goes!




Scandinavian design is all about open spaces, keeping it lean and simple, and the right lighting plays an important role. The more naturally-bright your source of light the better, is a general rule of thumb when lighting your bedroom ala Scandi-chic.


Nido Natural Rattan Hanging Light


For a focal-point source of light in your bedroom, the Nido Natural Rattan Hanging Light falls under classic Scandi-chic lighting. It’s rustic and nature-themed, just like this gorgeous outdoorsy Hanging Antlers Lamp from Fibi.


Hanging Antlers Lamp


Be it at your bedside, or on your bedroom desk, the Nordica Fabric Lamp screams Scandi-chic with its classic light timber and white accents.


Nordica Fabric Lamp


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Scandi Beds


Designing your Scandi-chic bedroom is all about taking simplicity to the next level, adding a touch of elegance, and keeping those lines clean. A typical Scandi-style bed will have comfort, function, and give an overall tranquil feel to the entire bedroom.


Baker Rimini Bedstead


Rustic Scandi beds add warmth to a bedroom, and the Baker Rimini Bedstead is the perfect example of that richly textured Nordic vibe, while staying true to minimalist style.


Monza Kingsize Bed Frame


For a lighter tone to compliment a neutral palette, there’s the Monza Kingsize Bed Frame from ERCOL, or equally as stunning is this Rimini Kingsize Bed Frame.


Rimini Kingsize Bed Frame


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Scandi Bedding


Another hallmark of Scandi-chic design is bright whites, muted tones, and pastel hues. White provides the crisp and clean effect that is synonymous with Scandinavian design, and muted and pastel hues add appeal while keeping to the principle of simplicity.


Muted and Pastel Hues


If white is more your style, but you enjoy a bit of texture too, there are great bedding options out there that would be the perfect fit, like this Dot Embroidered Duvet Set from John Lewis & Partners.


Dot Embroidered Duvet Set


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Scandi Rugs


While Nordic aesthetics are crafted around simplicity, they’re also full of texture, and nothing says texture like the perfect rug.


Axel White Textured Merino Wool Rug


You could keep your rug choice simple but elegant with this Axel White Textured Merino Wool Rug, or add some depth with the more patterned Agnes Monochrome Rug.


Agnes Monochrome Rug


For a more elegant and nature-themed effect, this Meadow Linen Rug would make the ideal textured addition to your Scandi-chic bedroom floor.


Meadow Linen Rug


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Scandi Wall Decor


From stylish motifs to muted colours and prints, Scandi-chic wall decor encourages personal style and taste. There is so much you can do with the walls in your bedroom to get that stunning Scandi-chic aesthetic you’ve been dreaming about.


Vamor Mirror from Pomax


Whether you hang it above your dresser, or as a stand-alone piece, this Vamor Mirror from Pomax is Scandi-perfect with its trellised pearl effect.


Black and Blue Nordic Prints


Add a bit of color to your bedroom walls with striking black and blue Nordic prints, or if you really want to keep it ultra-simple, then a minimalist life drawing may suit you more.


Minimalist Life Drawing


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Scandi Accessories

The finishing touches to any Scandi-chic bedroom would of course be pretty Scandi accessories. This is where you get to really have fun, and add in your own personalised touches, pops of colour and style to your bedroom.

Like these pretty washed cotton cushions from John Lewis & Partners:


Washed Cotton Cushions from John Lewis & Partners


Or go for a richer tone of colour with these faux leather cushion covers.  We love that you can mix & match or swap out the covers completely when you want to mix up the look. 


Rustic-Looking Pillows


If you do go au-natural with your bedding, then this elegant Aqua Herringbone Merino Throw from Foxford adds a touch of colour and pattern.  Scandi-chic doesn't mean everything needs to be white so throw in some extra colours through accessories or art.


Aqua Herringbone Merino Throw


Scandinavian design is big on raw, natural materials and so you'll often see elements of the outdoors brought in.  If you aren't a green thumb then these Concrete Jungle Artifical Plants from Pomax are perfect.  You achieve the touch of natural greenery without the upkeep!  The grey, concrete pot is also very on point for Scandi-chic.


Concrete Jungle Artificial Plant



These handmade grey & white cermanic glazed vases from Teresa's Collections tick all the boxes for colour, texture and style.  You can include faux greenery, flowers, dried grasses or just leave empty.


Handmade Grey & White Ceramic Glazed Vases


And we can't forget the silhouette vases which are all the rage at the moment! Super chic and streamlined with limitless options for how to decorate them.


Silhouette Minimalist Vases/Candle Holder


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