Game of Homes – from Westeros to Dublin 4

Game of Homes – from Westeros to Dublin 4


Battles, feuding, incest, murder, mayhem and extraordinary castles are all key reasons why Game of Thrones has viewers hooked. However, from the palaces of King’s Landing to the sweeping views of Winterfell, the TV series’ architecture also exercises a fascination that sparks interest in the medieval country’s houses and castles.


This leads many of us to wonder where these prestigious houses would be located today had the battle of Winterfell taken place in none other than Ireland’s bustling capital.


We’ve no doubt that Jon Snow would love to go beyond the east wall. And Sansa Stark wouldn’t say no to some window shopping along Grafton Street.


In the world of Westeros that George R.R Martin has so lovingly crafted, house reputation means a great deal. It is the deciding factor in creating an alliance or an enemy.


Just as each noble house has unique traits, so too does each area of Dublin. So, in an act of residential matchmaking, Ireland’s leading property search platform, Perfect Property, has identified the most suitable areas to ensure that the Houses fit in nicely.


House Lannister – Donnybrook


The Lannister family are used to the finer things in life, even if that often comes crumbling down. So, with grounds large enough to keep the goings-on of the Lannisters hidden from the public eye and homes regal enough to soothe Cersei’s ego as Ruler, Donnybrook is the obvious choice.


High stone walls for that familiar, castle-like feeling and front gates big enough for the iconic Iron Throne to fit through are all necessary requirements.  Even if it is just a replica.... Turning onto a curving driveway and entering the large hall, the opulence of a Georgian home in Donnybrook showcases original fireplaces, decadent drawing rooms and extensive wood panelling. 


No good plotting for revenge can take place without the backdrop of a roaring fire, a fur cape and a table big enough for a map of the city.  Ceiling height is of the utmost importance, so the sound of guests being announced can echo ceremoniously. It would be interesting to see who will live here, because Cersei’s people are declining rapidly.  Oh and don't forget the perfect would-be-royal nursery.


The Lannisters have enjoyed flaunting their riches so the equality of wealth that surrounds them may cause issues. Nothing that building out and up can’t fix, as long as Council permits.


And with Terroirs Wine merchants and Donnybrook fair located right in the village, the Lannisters could be sure that their penchant for the finest wine at almost every occasion and taste for the finer things in life would be tended to.


The Perfect House for Cersei:



Majestic, private and more than meets the eye! This classic home has the drawing room that Cersei needs for plotting her plus seamless indoor and outdoor living for her to glide through on all possible occasions.  


House Greyjoy – Dun Laoghaire


Once, House Greyjoy was the most unlikeable Houses in Westeros. Ruled by an angry ruthless man, Balon Greyjoy and home to a collection of thieves and not forgetting Theon Greyjoy’s betrayal of the Starks and attempt at taking over Winterfell.


It’s been a bumpy road but thankfully, those times have passed and with Yara having taken back the Iron Islands, the peaceful, harbourside of Dun Laoghaire is ideal.


Plus, there needs to be a safe haven for what’s left of the Iron Fleet, and whilst it might be a tight fit, the trip over is sure to knock a few ships out of the running for a spot in the elusive harbour.


It’s going to set her back a pretty penny too, but with newfound support we’re sure Yara can rustle up a short-term, high-interest loan from a nearby House.


There’s no need for all the bells and whistles, a Terraced house by the sea will suit just fine. The only requirement is a clean line of sight to the harbour, there's little left of the iron fleet so pre-warning for the next attack is a must.


Yara’s going to need to face one of her toughest challenges yet in furnishing the new, seaside pad - a mountain of flat pack furniture, a Swedish instruction manual and no one to help. 


The Perfect House for Yara:


Close proximity to the harbour, room for Yara to put her own personal stamp on the place and a spacious back garden for ship repairs and building.


House Targaryan – Howth


The Targaryan family has a long history, enough to rival even that of the Lannisters so some R&R is in order for Daenerys – but not before ‘she breaks the wheel’.


The beauty and romantic charm of Howth are the perfect antidote to soothe Daenerys’ soul after battling to rule the seven kingdoms. The only issue is how many lodgers her new home needs to accommodate. The Mother of Dragons is going to need to dig deep to secure an exclusive cliff-front home with enough open space to land a dragon.


Having lived with the Dothraki, there’s no mod-con requirements for this ‘queen of the people’ with double glazed windows and central heating low on the priority list.


An eclectic, boho feel will prevail with bright, hand-woven rugs and self-made artwork on the walls. That mixed and matched decorating style will certainly make even the largest of homes feel cosy. 


You’ll likely catch a glimpse of Daenerys mingling with the locals but don’t let that innocent smile fool you. Multiple Unsullied will be standing guard as a reminder that she may be your neighbour but might have a touch of her family tree’s madness in her.  


The Perfect House for Daenerys:



House Stark – Kilternan


It’s likely that the Starks will want to live in a residence of similar size to the one that they had in Winterfell. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be possible anywhere close to the city centre.


We think they would find a suitable plot to build up a castle in the foothills of the Dublin mountains. The Starks would certainly appreciate the honesty of folk in Kilternan, plus the weather gets a little colder up there, a nice reminder of the North.


While the chances of deep snow are small, they’ll have Ireland’s only artificial ski slope to keep themselves entertained and remind them of their origins. There’s even a fencing school nearby for Arya.


Given that they are descended from a great builder, the interior space of the Starks castle would be hand-crafted, hiding any new-build elements to give the feeling of a rich history. 


Think skilfully carved, winding staircases and elaborate tapestry hanging from the walls and timber lined walls for Jon’s ultimate man-cave! 


Forget landscaped grounds, Winterfell’s central courtyard was a muddy mess so with a lack of green thumbs, the surrounds will reflect the rugged North. The only nature-based requirement is a large tree for Bran to sit beneath in the hope that the Three-Eyed Raven has survived the journey to Kilternan.


The Perfect House for the Starks:


This Tudor style home has eight bedrooms to fit the whole Stark family, and is set on 1.5 acres of private grounds, bounded by a small stream. Each bedroom overlooks the gardens and countryside, perfect for keeping watch from all directions.


Gothic castles, wolves, dragons and feuding royals would certainly make for an interesting addition to Ireland’s capital. 

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