Getting Your Home Ready For Sale: Painting

Getting Your Home Ready For Sale: Painting

Expert Advice

When it comes time to sell your home there are many ways to improve the immediate appeal for potential buyers.  However, one key way to give your property a face lift, whilst also ensuring your property appeals to as many buyers as possible, is through painting prior to sale.  

We have asked the experts for their best tips when it comes to painting your house prior to selling, from cracks and scuffs, to baking bread, here is everything you need to know.  

Oisin Butler
Oisin Butler Ltd - Painting and Decorating Specialists is a professional painting company operating in Dublin & surrounding counties. They are members of the guild of Master Craftsmen and have many years’ experience painting & decorating properties for sale with a clear understanding of what needs to be done to aid the vendor in achieving the highest possible price for their property. They also work closely with new home owners and will help get the new property decorated quickly and to a high standard before they are due to move in.
Expert Tip:
Oisin’s number one tip when painting your house for sale is to, ‘keep it simple’.  Focus on creating a consistent look from room to room by using the same colour, ideally an off-white tone.  Try to view your home through a fresh pair of eyes and remember that trying to touch up problem areas without solving the problem, may look better to you than it did before, but a potential buyer is going to scrutinise every inch.  If you have covered up water stains, mould etc then that buyer may start to wonder if there are any other issues.  The best way to overcome this is to take the time and deal with each area in detail.  
Paint all the ceilings white and re-paint any painted woodwork in a white satinwood.  Whilst that may seem plain, the end result will be clean and tidy, leaving your property looking spacious.  It does help to seek out a professional because they will be able to complete the job to the high standard that a potential buyer will expect.  In Oisin’s experience, painting a property prior to sale can assist both the time to sell and also the achieved price.  

Painting In Dublin
Providing a complete painting and decorating service to their customers in the Dublin area. Their skilled painters and decorators offer a high-quality service at affordable prices. Painting In Dublin covers all aspects of the trade and undertake both domestic and commercial projects. 
Painting In Dublin offers free estimates, which is great if you are thinking of selling & are wanting to find out a cost prior to re-painting your home. 
Expert Tip:
Petru, from Painting In Dublin, advises that colour choice is key.  It can be hard when you’re picking a paint colour for a home that you have enjoyed living in, possibly for many years.  You need to remind yourself that colour is very personal, so try to remove what you would like and think neutral.  
Petru says, “Keeping the colours neutral will allow your property to appeal to a larger group of buyers.  If you focus on light & bright colours, it will create the impression of space.  A high-quality painting job will be well appreciated by potential buyers”.

Impressions is a painting and decorating business that has been specialising in residential and commercial projects all over Dublin since 1991.  They also have a team of master craftsmen who showcase expertise in Period and Georgian refurbishments and extensions in Dublin.  Impressions also specialises in hand painting kitchen units, plus hand painted furniture for your bedroom and bathroom.  
Paul, who founded Impressions, strongly believes that you can find a balance between achieving the best price and minimising spending in the lead up to the sale.  Paul says, “Provided the job is done properly, painting prior to sale is a key way to maximise the final selling price.”  
Expert Tip:
Proper preparation is essential, filling all the cracks and having smooth, properly painted walls and woodwork. Sharp lines where the ceilings meet walls, especially in the entrance and hallway leading you in to the property, made for a great first impression.  We all know the age old saying that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, the same can be said for the feeling a potential home buyer has as they step through your front door.  
Impressions also emphasises the need to remove as many pieces of art and photographs of a personal nature, as possible.  This allows the potential buyer to visualise themselves living in your property and not distract them from the main event – your home! 
Remember that the smell of freshly painted walls won’t be to everyone’s fancy, so paint with plenty of time in the lead up to sale.  If you are pressed for time, try the old trick of brewing coffee or baking bread to permeate a true ‘homely’ smell prior to any viewings.
Painting-Dublin offers painting, kitchen spraying, plastering and wallpaper services.  Their focus is on getting the job done properly, on time and under budget.  Once the Painting-Dublin professional team is finished with your house, there will be no cracks, holes or even small scratches and scuffs in sight.  They are the skimming professionals who can give your home a polished and well-manicured look.  Painting-Dublin offer quality materials at affordable prices and even have an online cost calculator to quickly provide an estimate of the project cost.  
Expert Tip:
Painting your own home to live in can be quite different to painting the property prior to sale.  The most important thing to keep is mind is a clean and uniform look, often achieved with a slightly off-white colour.
This will leave your home feeling fresh and any potential buyer can visualise adding their own touch once they’ve purchased the property.

If you have designed the home over time to include any bright colours or loud wallpaper, our recommendation is to swap these design elements for a simple and clean paint colour.  It is also important to focus on any cracks or marks on your walls and ceilings as potential buyers will notice these.  By presenting the house as well maintained and neutral, it will allow your property to appeal to a much wider group of interested buyers. Painting-Dublin’s other expert tip is to remember that the exterior of your home is the first introduction of a potential buyer to your property.  Ensure that any paint work is fresh, not flaking or peeling and is in a neutral tone.  

If you are serious about attracting a buyer who falls in love with your property from the moment they pull up outside and then step foot in the front door, painting is a great option to provide a fresh, blank canvas.  
With free quotes and online tools, it has never been easier to understand the costs required upfront and then decide whether it is right for your home.  An Estate Agent is also a good resource, they will be able to show you comparison properties and their sold prices to indicate any financial benefits from having your property repainted prior to sale.