A Dreamy List of Functional & Stylish Beds

A Dreamy List of Functional & Stylish Beds

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Did you know the average person spends 27 years of their life sleeping?  That's an awfully long time to spend in a bed that isn't stylish, comfy or practical!  If that's the wake up call you need for a bedroom makeover then look no further.  


In your over excitement at finally upgrading your bed, you'll start to release that the options are limitless and something that should be so simple can easily become overwhelming.  If it's not the colour and size that's up in the air, then there's the bedframe vs ensemble debate, mattress choice, headboard style and practicality.


So we've rounded up our top picks of the best and most beautiful beds that will add both style and comfort to your bedroom, and make your decision easy and stress-free.  


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1. Rustically Yours

If you're searching for something simple yet elegant then rustic beds are a terrific option. They come in a variety of earthy tones, and add character to a bedroom.


The BAKER Rimini Bedstead is an ideal example of rustic old-world charm and grace. Made from solid oak, the rich grainy tones of this bedstead will add warmth to any bedroom, and its sleek lines add statement style.


BAKER Rimini Bedstead


Another approach to rustic is the HARRISON SPINKS Gardenia Drawer Set that’s filled with natural wool and hemp for comfort in luxury. Set on a padded top base, the Gardenia is arcadian and yet elegant.


HARRISON SPINKS Gardenia Drawer Set


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2. Sleek & Chic


Minimalist style and crafted elegance is a popular choice when it comes to choosing a bedframe.  The WEST ELM Andes fully upholstered in distressed velvet is an ideal example of refined luxury. Bronze finished legs add that touch of glam to go fabulously with the distressed velvet. 




The Harrison Spinks Hollyhock Set defines the harmony of simplicity, refinement, and beauty. We love the padded divan base and matching headboard that not only requires nominal space, but also adds a grandeur very few other beds can pull off. With a season turning mattress and a choice of base fabric to match your taste, this bed set is grace and class combined.


Harrison Spinks Hollyhock Set




Affordable Bed Frame Grey


Many of us don’t like to compromise on style even if the budget is tight.  That's why we love this padded grey frame from Home Treats.  You might be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is without compromising on appearance. 


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3. Luxury with Space & Technology


Who doesn’t want a bed that is as visually appealing as it is practical? From high tech settings to Martha Stewart inspired sleek storage, we love these multi-purpose options. 


At the touch of a button, the TEMPUR Moulton Adjustable Divan Base enables you to alter the posture of your head, hips or legs while reclining. You can even lift yourself into a sitting position with ease. The best part is that you can adjust your position without disturbing your partner.  Available in a variety of plush tweed style finishings, there are ample storage options with foot and side drawers too.

TEMPUR Moulton Adjustable Divan Base



Seriously cramped for space in the bedroom?


Sometimes storage is a priority and  filling up the house with cabinets and cupboards leaves our bedroom as the only sanctuary from the madness. No sane person wants to clutter their zen zone, so what can we do?


Enter the Ottoman. A space saving bed where the base lifts to reveal a storage compartment underneath. This is done via gas-lift hydraulic pistons so it's pretty simple, no matter your size or strength. Think of the space you can save. In the TEMPUR Grafton Ottoman Sundance the whole mattress moves to give you enough space to carefully store your extras in an orderly manner or just dump all your bits and bobs for later.

TEMPUR Grafton Ottoman Sundance

Likewise, the TEMPUR Harrington Ottoman Bedstead  is an excellent example of modern design and casual elegance that also allows you to maximise your bed space.  Besides the storage, the memory foam mattress is not too disimilar from sleeping on a cloud and we love the bright colour choices!


TEMPUR Harrington Ottoman Bedstead


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4. Elegant headboards


Headboards are fast becoming an integral feature of modern bedroom décor.


A headboard can transform your bedroom to a boudoir. From basic wood to fancy ornate metal, a headboard can be simplistic, glamorous, lavish or elemental. Match your room to your headboard or contrast it with an obtuse leather or natural fibre headboard. The choices are endless.


Masters of craftsmanship, the HARRISON SPINKS collection of headboards covers an assortment of  conceptual layouts that can be upholstered in an array of opulent textures and colours. The classic HARRISON SPINKS Westminister Deep Headboard is available with a variety of buttons and piping options for a traditional Victorian look.  And talk about a statement piece!  Turn any mattress ensemble into the ultimate wow factor.


HARRISON SPINKS Westminister Deep Headboard


Soft to lean against while you read a book or watch something on your phone, the HARRISON SPINKS New York Easy Access looks comfy & is comfy.  The neutral tone means it will suit any colour scheme while the size adds a sense of grandeur.  



HARRISON SPINKS New York Easy Access



So many choices, and each as good as the next. We hope you enjoyed our Round Up, and find something to your liking that will enhance your bedroom and give you the luxurious sleep you deserve!


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All the products featured above have been chosen because we genuinely love them!  If you click on the links and make a purchase we may receive a commission at no cost to you.