Decorate Blank Walls With These Designer Approved Wall Decor Ideas

Decorate Blank Walls With These Designer Approved Wall Decor Ideas

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Are you looking for designer wall decor ideas to give your living space a lift? There’s so much that can be done with the walls of your home, be it some pretty framed wall art as a focal point in your living room, or a strategically placed wall mirror in the entryway. The options are limitless.


Still, with so much available out there, giving your walls the glow up they need can be challenging. What do you choose? Match or contrast? Seasonal themes, or a more classically chic look?


It can get frustrating trying to decide and find the perfect fit for you and your home. That’s when ideas fizzle out, leaving us with those same old walls, and not much happening on them.


But, worry not. We’re here to get you out of that stale-walls rut, and help you narrow down your choices for your next wall decor home project. Here’s our round up of the best wall decor ideas and products that have been carefully curated to inspire and guide you from start to finish.


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Mirror Mirror

The wall mirror may be an old tradition in home decor, but not for nothing. Wall mirrors add a touch of opulence to any space, and the Vamor Mirror from Pomax is no exception. This eye-catching circular piece is framed with a stunning trellised pattern made entirely from pure bamboo. The overall pearl-like effect is sedate enough to enhance muted walls, or soften a more vibrant one.


Vamor Mirror from Pomax


Another ideal focal point wall decor is the Helena Round Fluted Glass Mirror from West Elm. It’s a stunning piece of mirror and glass that can work as a stand-alone, or be paired with a table, pedestal or positioned above a vanity.


Helena Round Fluted Glass Mirror


If you’re looking for a way to make your wall space appear larger, there’s nothing better than the West Elm Infinity Mirror. Crafted from metal and glass, the Infinity Mirror is versatile enough to display in separate pieces, or grouped for a bolder effect.


West Elm Infinity Mirror


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If you’re not a fan of large mirrors, but still love a little reflection on your walls, the J-ouuo Scandinavian Natural Decor Acrylic Moonphase Mirrors may be for you.  This set of five grouped mirrors won’t only draw attention to your wall, but will also add a dash of mystique.


J-ouuo Scandinavian Natural Decor Acrylic Moonphase Mirrors



The Fine Print

Nothing does a bare wall more justice than a carefully curated set of wall art prints. This is your chance to show off your own personal style and taste, and truly add your natural flair for art to your walls.


While selecting the perfect prints for your room can sometimes be a daunting task, it’s best to start with something simplistic that ‘speaks,’ like the Francis Leavey Hands Framed Print in a basic black & white that screams understated elegance.


Francis Leavey Hands Framed Print


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If you love a good pop of colour, and also want to stay true to your Irish roots, then there’s the amazing collection of Dawn Dusk Poolbeg Large Frame by JANDO in their Dawn Dusk Series, featuring Landscape Guinness Large Frame inked on archival paper. 


Dawn Dusk Poolbeg Large Frame


Landscape Guinness Large Frame



Canvas Wall Art

Another long-standing tradition for brightening up wall space is the old-school canvas wall art. It may seem like a ‘safe’ option, but it is also more versatile than other wall decor options. Canvas wall art can be mixed and matched, hung individually, or grouped to tell a story.


Creating enough of a statement from a single artwork can be difficult.  Too big & it dominates the space but too small and it feels swallowed by the wall.  That's why we love the  Botanical Framed Canvas where you can spread the three prints across the space.  The colours are stunning too and would suit most design styles.


Botanical Framed Canvas


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Last but not least, in grouped canvas wall art, a black & white design with Beach Coastal Canvas can glam up any wall space, and makes a lovely backdrop for a muted tone bedroom, a plain staircase wall, or an entry-way.  Even if you're in a city pad, conjure up the lulling sounds of breaking waves every time you walk past these stunning prints.  


Beach Coastal Canvas



Decals and Stickers

Wall sticker decor may have begun with children's rooms, but it quickly evolved into a trend that stuck (pun intended.) So, when you have that one wall in your house that you never quite know what to do with, just Decal it, or invest in some creative and colorful wall sticker art.


Dalmation Spot Wall



Outus 200 Pieces Wall Decal Dots Posh Dots


The  Dalmation Spot Wall stickers add a playful element to childrens’ playrooms and nurseries. They’re also wonderful for that spare wall just inside the kitchen, or the still bare one in the family room. Outus 200 Pieces Wall Decal Dots Posh Dots, add a touch of colour to any space.  And you can decide how close or far apart to place them for a different look.


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Timeless Classics

For the best minimalist wall decor, you can’t go wrong with the classic wall clock. There is an old-world elegance to the traditional wall clock hanging above a mantle, or in that familiar spot on the kitchen wall that draws every eye in the house to it.


For a sedate look, you can adorn your wall with a minimalist wall clock like the Mr Edwards Moonstone Grey clock by Newgate. It’s straight and to the point decor, but with a boldly embellished dial.

Mr Edwards Moonstone Grey


If a touch more colour is what you’re looking for, then the Master Edwards Radial Copper clock by Newgate might be a better choice. It’s a beautiful fusion of contemporary and mid-century modern design.


Master Edwards Radial Copper


That rounds up our collection of wall decor you can use for inspiration to glow up your wall space. We hope it gives you some great ideas for your next home decor project. Remember to have fun with your selections, and let your personal style shine through.



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All the products featured above have been chosen because we genuinely love them!  If you click on the links and make a purchase we may receive a commission at no cost to you.