7 Simple Home Improvements You Can Do for Less than €100

7 Simple Home Improvements You Can Do for Less than €100

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It was Oscar Wilde who once said, “I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do the day after”. We don’t know what Oscar’s gaff was like, but we do know we shared a similar attitude when it comes to dodging home improvements.


The problem with home improvements is that they’re generally a gargantuan undertaking in terms of time, money and effort. Their complexity and multi-faceted nature is enough to make even the most organised among us quake in their boots.


In the face of such investment, we usually do what any normal person would do - open a browser tab and after a quick search, decide it’s a better idea to spend 3 weeks in Bali instead of renovating the kitchen this year.


However, we’ve learned there’s another way. A way that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and involve nine weeks of making tea for builders.


A way so wise, that you might think of us as some sort of home improvement guru from now on… It’s to do small improvements, often. I know, mind blown right?


You don’t need to lay rare mahogany flooring or turn the attic into a designer loft to improve your everyday living experience – sometimes the least financially intensive upgrades can yield the biggest results.


To that end, we’ve rounded up 7 simple home improvements that’ll cost you less than €100 and shouldn’t take you more than half a day.


Sounds good? Then let’s break the piggy bank and get stuck in…


1. Give your front door a freshen-up


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Your front door can set the vibe for your entire home and because you see it every day, you might not notice it’s declining appearance in too much detail.


A fresh lick of paint and some new hardware can instantly boost your homes appeal. Would you believe, new front door paint has even been shown to increase the sale price of homes on the market.


So, think about what kind of impression you’d like to make. Perhaps you want to create a warm welcome with a deep ruby red or add a splash of energy with a vibrant green – take a look @TheDoorsOf Dublin on Instagram for some funky inspiration and let your imagination run wild.


Photo Credit: Mary Fox


2. Revamp your headboard

Photo Credit: Archilovers


Few things suck the style out of your bedroom like an outdated and run-down looking headboard. Ursula Carmona from the blog Home Made by Carmona inherited an old headboard from her grandparents but it looked nothing that she wanted. Instead of splurging on a pricey new shop-bought headboard she set about upgrading her own.



The results are super impressive - covered in fabric and tufted with buttons, you’d never guess that a dilapidated headboard hides inside her elegant piece. The best part? She did it all for less than €50! Copy her guide or use it to make your own creation.



3. Give your kitchen cabinets a face-lift

Photo Credit: Holland Avenue Home


We spend so much time in our kitchens, they can start to get tired looking rather quickly. Since a total remodelling is off the cards, simply re-painting your cabinets and adding new handles can give your kitchen a pretty dramatic new-lease on life.


Analyse the colour palette of your kitchen and choose a fresh tone that will pair well. Then pick up some stylish handles (Ikea usually has a good selection to keep you under the €100 budget), get sanding and lay down that first coat.


4. Get your cables under control


A sprawling spaghetti-like mass of cables is an eyesore that any living room can do without. If your cables are getting a little out of hand, there’s a few things you can do.


The first and cheapest option is to untangle them and then bind them together with Velcro cable wraps – you can easily pick up a pack of 100 for under €10. It’s instant decluttering for dirt cheap.


If their sight is still affecting you, then you can invest in a cable box (or make your own!) to fully hide them from view. Which type of box will depend on how your electronics are set up – if your TV is wall mounted etc.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


But pretty much all cable management solutions will set you back less than €100 so it’s a real no-brainer.


5. Install dimmable lighting

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Lighting massively impacts our impression of a given room. Different lighting can impact our mood, making us feel everything from energised to happy to relaxed and sleepy.


If you’re having trouble kicking back in the evenings or feeling groggy in the mornings, then changeable lights are just the ticket to allow you to match the lighting to your mood at any time.


Dimmer switches are available in hardware stores at reasonable prices, but it’s always recommended to have an electrician install it for you.


Another option is to pick up some Philips hue lightbulbs which give you immense control over the light situation in your home.


6. Create an accent wall

Photo Credit: Pinterest


The cost of wallpaper can get pretty high if you’re planning on doing multiple rooms at once. An easier and more frugal option is to create one accent wallpapered wall, while giving the others a fresh lick of paint, for a totally refreshed room.


Photo Credit: Pinterest


It’s best to opt for a paper that’s bold an eye-catching to create a focal point in your space. Think about where you want eyes to be drawn – perhaps the wall that’s visible when entering the room or maybe you’d prefer to bring attention elsewhere like to a beautiful fireplace or to dress up the wall behind your bed.


7. Clean and reseal tile grout


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Alright, this might not be the fun-packed afternoon of home improvement you had hoped for, but the results will be impressive. Trust me.


Whether in a bathroom or a kitchen, cleaning and realising tile grout makes a surface look brand new, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the lot.


You don’t need to be a professional bathroom fitter to reseal grout – anyone can do it. Just make sure you have the proper equipment before you begin: gloves, eye protection, masking tape, grout sealer and a quality YouTube instructional video loaded up on your phone!



So there you go! Hopefully, these humble home improvements can inspire you to overcome procrastination and get stuck into upgrading your home.


They’re cheap, they’re relatively easy and they won’t have you cancelling the family holiday. What’s more is they’ll pay big returns in terms of the overall appeal of your home.


Remember, improving your home doesn’t have to be something that’s either ‘happening’ or ‘not happening’.


Small and continual upgrades keep your home feeling fresh and inviting. They’ll save you from waking up one day and realising you’re living in a museum of early 1980’s interior design.


So, pick one or two things you think would make the biggest impact and give them a go this weekend. From all at Perfect Property, best of luck!