5 of the world's coolest clifftop homes you need to see

5 of the world's coolest clifftop homes you need to see

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Breath-taking unobstructed views, swirling ocean water and dramatic weather-beaten coastal formations. If you’ve ever wanted to live perched high in the sky, then let’s rise above it all and dive into the top 5 coolest clifftop homes from around the globe.


1. Monastery of Roussanou – Meteora, Greece

Looking like something straight out of a fairy-tale, this historic, 16th century building offers idyllic isolation and jaw-dropping views of the misty valleys.


Source: Mikereyfman.com


The catch? To stay here you’ll have to be a monk. With the number of ordained ministers dropping year on year in Ireland, we think that the church’s marketing department would do well to dangle the possibility of a living in this mansion in front of people’s noses.


The building consists of three floors; the ground floor is the church, while the upper levels are reserved for bedrooms, reception halls and an exhibition room.


2. Till House – Navidad, Chile

Source: Archdaily.com


Usually when you read the following description; ‘6 x 12 meters, where two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen share the same space’ a damp studio comes to mind.


Well think again, because these words describe the wonderous Till House in Navidad, Chile. Till House is a fantastic example of how to make a small space feel enormous and the architects need a serious round of applause for designing this place.


Source: Archdaily.com


Located in a secluded point on the Chilean coastline, it boasts vast open views of the Pacific Ocean. With a sunny terrace that is to die for, a wood burning hot tub to soak in, and a path down to its own private beach, I think it’s fair to say I’d strongly consider trading the damp studio.


Source: Archdaily.com


3. Laguna Clifftop Residence - California, USA

If the Southern Californian lifestyle is more your thing and you’ve got the deep pockets to match, then this spectacular mansion perched atop the cliffs in Laguna Beach is the home for you.


Source: Pinterest


At a whopping 316sqm this not-so-humble abode boasts 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a home cinema and even a glass elevator if the stairs seem like too much for you as you lollop home with a belly full of lobster from one of Laguna’s top restaurants.


Source: Pinterest


It offers an epic 180 degrees of sea view and features views of Catalina Island on all three levels. To add to the opulence, the heating, lighting, security, music and blinds are all controlled by your smartphone.


4. The Glass House – California, USA

Staying in the Golden State but venturing north this time to the hamlet of Timber Cover, we have the stunning ‘Glass house’.



Sitting atop a rocky outcrop with the crashing waters of the Pacific Ocean below, the ‘Glass House’ is named after its magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows which give you panoramic views of the rolling waves out to the horizon. Utterly Magnificent.



Built in 1964, the property features rustic design elements inside. Think grand marble countertops, stone walls and a large cosy open fireplace to gather around in the winter.


5. Strawberry Hill House – Dublin, Ireland

We couldn’t compile a list of the best cliffside properties without mentioning one of our own.


Strawberry Hill House in Killiney offers panoramic views across Killiney Bay from Dalkey Island to Bray Head.


Treat yourself to a game of seafront tennis or make the most of the Irish Rivera when the sun shines by relaxing in one of the tiered gardens. There’s also a home gym and your very own fruit orchard – so you can enjoy fresh berries on your morning porridge.



And the best part? You’re guaranteed to have more craic living here than any other spot on the list!


Living the high life

Sometimes getting the best view means risking a little vertigo. From remote monasteries to luxury mansions, cliffside properties around the world never fail to inspire us as they stand defiantly in the face of danger.


Sure, it may be a distant goal for many, but what’s life without a few dreams? Which home on the list most takes your fancy? Let us know in the comments below!