5 Things You Should Do First Before Putting Your Home On The Market

5 Things You Should Do First Before Putting Your Home On The Market


Selling your house is an exciting time, from wondering what the end price may be, to moving somewhere new!  But getting your home ready to go on the market is a big job.  It's your most valuable asset and therefore needs the care and attention to achieve the best possible price.


So we have looked at 5 things you can do to make sure your house presents in the best possible light for buyers. 


1. Clean your house from top to bottom


The first thing you should do before placing your home on the market is to clean your house from top to bottom. This includes flooring, counters, cabinets, buying air filters, and everything in between.


You want to be sure that when you are showing your house, it's in pristine condition. Start by vacuuming all of your carpets with a deep clean machine.


Give all of your floors an extra wipe down and make sure all counters are clean and free of dirt or spills.


When cleaning each room, make sure to focus on any smelly areas-this could include pet odours if you have pets or smoke smells if you are a smoker.  Open your windows and let some fresh air in!   



2. Create a list of 'must-knows' for the estate agent


You know your home and its location better than anyone.  So as you think of things, note them down so you don't forget.  These are going to cover off a lot of different subjects such as:

  • When is the house the most drenched in natural light - this can help with when you decide to do viewings
  • What transport is nearby and any additional notes, for example the local bus stop is less than a 2 minute walk and during the morning rush hour still has plenty of seats.  These are things that your estate agent may not have thought of but is quite appealing to a buyer
  • If you have any extra security in place such as alarms or a new type of security lock on the main doors which will save a buyer needing to have them installed
  • The overall feel of the area - are there any local markets, clubs, groups etc.  Things that allow the new buyer to immerse themselves in and feel part of a community.  Just because an estate agent covers the local area, it doesn't mean they know what it's like to live on your street.  

Every time you think of something great about your home or the area, add it to the list and then run through it with your estate agent. 


Make sure they really understand what makes your home special and that it's also included in the property description on the marketing materials.


3. Make sure everything is working (small items)


Picture this - an interested buyer is walking around your home and they flick the light switch in one of the bedrooms.  Nothing happens.  So they flick it up and back down, but still nothing. 


Now their focus is not on how much they love your home but why the light doesn't work.  It is just the bulb or is there a wiring issue.  They then turn their attention to seeing if anything else isn't working or needs repairing.  This is not what you want!


You might be surprised how many buyers will turn on taps, showers, flush toilets, check locks etc.  Things that you have lived with because they're just little quirks that don't bother you too much, could turn a potential buyer off.  So just as you went around your house to spotlessly clean it, you need to use the same mindset when checking everything is in order. 



4. Make any necessary repairs (big items)


So you should obviously repair anything you find when walking around looking for issues as per point #3 but these types of repairs are different. 


This is fixing or cosmetically improving bigger issues.  If your front door is all scuffed from general wear and tear then re-paint it. 


If you put up a loud wallpaper in the entryway and it's seen better days or it's too niche to your tastes then strip it and go with something netural.  If the grass in your garden is patchy from where your beloved dog has buried countless bones, then figure out how to fix it - whether that be laying new turf or fitting astro-turf. 


We could go on and on but we think you get the idea!  Picture a show home and what you would expect it to look like, then walk around your house with the same expectation.  It might be quite surprising how much you notice.  


5. Clean out all closets


You'll also want to clean out all of your closets & cupboards before you put your home on the market- this includes storage areas, cabinets, and anywhere else you may have shoved a mountain of no longer used or seasonal items.


This will make sure that everything looks as nice as it possibly can for your potential buyers.  You know yourself that the urge to open every door is strong.  If you're going to bother cleaning and repairing then think of your cupboards as included in that! 




The biggest piece of advice when getting your home ready for sale is to take off your rose tinted glasses (which is really hard when you love your home and have so many memories attached to it) and instead walk through every single room as a new buyer.  You can't expect a top price if the property is cluttered or needs repairs made.  Think clean, fresh, spacious & bright!