17 of the best velvet sofas in Ireland

17 of the best velvet sofas in Ireland

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If you’re thinking about adding a velvet sofa to your living room then you’re our type of person! Smooth to the touch and seriously stylish, there’s sofas and then there’s a velvet sofa. 

The best part?  You have unlimited choices on sofa size, shape and style like all traditional sofas but you get the extra pizazz that the velvet covering offers.  Plus, have you seen the colour options?  Swoon!

But there’s almost too many options, so how do you pick the best one?  A sofa isn’t something you buy everyday, in fact the average lifespan of a couch is 7-15 years.  That’s a helluva long time for a piece of furniture to take centre stage in your living room.  

So we’ve done the hard work for you and picked out the best of the best.  The most popular sizes, shapes and colours for you to consider.  There’s even some added extras that we had to include!

Jewel Tone Delights


The most popular velvet sofa colours are jewel tones and it’s not hard to see why.  They’re rich and luxurious, making the perfect statement piece for any home.  

They also go well with a lot of complimentary colours for cushions, rugs and surrounding furniture.  You can add neutrals so the sofa is the main focal point or you can go bold with complimentary jewel tones, matching emerald green with sapphire blue, blush pink or even mustard.


Green Dreams:


The Emerald Green Luxury Three Seater  is a classic Casa Padrino, that makes a perfect addition in a long living room, or can alternatively be used as a really chic room divider.


Emerald Green Luxury Three Seater


This sleek 2.5 seater, also available in emerald green, is a slightly smaller alternative and ideal for either a narrower room or as an added extra to existing seating.


Sleek 2.5 seater



True Blue:


For the absolute classic Chesterfield, the West Elm Deep Blue Bradford Sofa is the embodiment of understated sophistication. With a button tufted back and polished oak wood legs, the Bradford fits right into any stylish living room.


West Elm Deep Blue Bradford Sofa


We absolutely fell in love with the Whitemeadow Bossanova Large Chaise Sofa in deep velvet blue. This Italian classic has a cushioned back with matching scatter pillows.  Comfy, elegant and spacious!  There’s room for everyone to relax. 


White meadow Bossanova Large Chaise Sofa in Deep Velvet Blue


Also, check out the mid century modern 3 seater navy blue velvet sofa . Elegant in design and filled with high density foam and duck feathers, the Scott by City Sofas, seriously beautiful.  We love the darker colour & cylinder side cushions.  It’s a true statement piece!


3 Seater Navy Blue Velvet Sofa


A celebration of craftsmanship and attention to detail, the ORENDA Ashford Three Seater Sofa is a signature piece.


ORENDA Ashford Three Seater Sofa


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Softer Hues


If you would prefer a softer look in your living room, then pinks & greys are a great option!  You still get that pop of colour but in a more subdued way than a blue or a green. 


These soft hues are more aligned with inspiring tranquility and creating a zen ambiance.


Pink, Not Just a Colour, but an Attitude:


Whether you set out to find an insta-worthy sofa or not, here we are!  This shell shaped, blush perfection even has a metallic base. It’s undeniably beautiful yet you can still sit back and comfortably spend 5 hours deciding what to watch on Netflix.  The Casa Padrino is a velvet sofa dream.


Casa Padrino velvet sofa


And speaking of sofa dreams, no living room could be complete without a Casa Padrino Luxury Chesterfield Sofa. Crossed button tufted and deceptively soft, the Chesterfield mixes old world glamour with a modern twist and we can’t get enough of it.


Casa Padrino Luxury Chesterfield Sofa


Three shades of grey:


We all know that grey is an extremely popular colour choice because of its diversity.  Everything goes with grey!  And the nice thing about a grey velvet sofa is that it takes your everyday, run of the mill sofa to a whole new level. 


The Aston Deluxe Three Seater Sofa from Orenda, is luxurious, sleek and handcrafted for comfort. With grey matte velvet, solid beech wood frame & stunning double piping down the arms, the Aston is made to order and our top pick for a grey velvet sofa.


Aston Deluxe Three Seater Sofa from Orenda


Also from Orenda is the striking Jasper Three Seater Sofa, featuring a stylish curved back and arms. The Jasper is a great choice as a room divider or when you are going to see the back of the sofa as it has been designed to look beautiful and sophisticated from every angle.  


Jasper Three Seater Sofa


Last, but definitely not the least, you can’t go past a Chesterfield style, grey velvet sofa!  Casa Padrino has made a serious statement with this design.  Padded seat & back, metallic and black legs, and super soft, grey velvet covering!


Casa Padrino Luxury Living Room Sofa Gray/Black/Brass


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Stylish Extras (You Deserve It!)


It wouldn’t be a true round up of the best velvet sofas if we didn’t have a list of bonus finds!  From colourful choices and single seats to something for the kids, keep scrolling for more velvet magic!


Freedom Lies in Being Bold:


If you're feeling bold and audacious, check out Casa Padrino’s Luxury High Back Chesterfield Velvet Sofa available in a midnight blue-black velvet fabric. We aren't sure what function the extra high back serves but it certainly looks dramatic!


Luxury High Back Chesterfield Velvet Sofa


Single, Ready to Mingle:


As far as single seaters go, the YKAMM’s Light Single Sofa is a shell shaped dream. It works as a stand alone, in pairs, or as an accompaniment to a bigger sofa set. Available in black, pink, red, yellow, and green velvet.


Shell Single Sofa


Adding a single couch or armchair in velvet, is also a good idea if space does not permit a bigger sofa or you've already invested in a pricey sofa and just want a hint of velvet. The Bossanova Swivel Cuddler Armchair by Whitemeadow is our pick for comfort and look.


Bossanova Swivel Cuddler Armchair


Whitemeadow also has a Sweeney Loveseat that though simple and slim, we felt we had to mention, if for no other reason than the quiet panache and subdued flair the Sweeney lends to any room. With the right velvet choice, this single piece can redefine your living room and match your taste in design.


Sweeney Loveseat


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Honey I shrunk the velvet sofa:


And if you want to go matching in your kids bedroom or playroom, then look no further than the Children Armrest Double Seat Ultra-Soft Velvet Surface Couch, the perfect spot for your little loved one to call their own while reading, eating snacks, or watching TV. 


Children Armrest Double Seat Ultra-Soft Velvet Surface Couch


You're Still Here? Great!


As we end this round up of some of the most impressive velvet sofas on the market, one of our favourite accessories is a cover for any couch.  Test out your love for velvet before investing in a new sofa! 


ADIS’ Sofa Slipcover Couch Sofa Cover in Velvet will update your sofa and is non slip and water resistant as well.


Sofa Slipcover Couch Sofa Cover in Velvet


That’s a wrap from us but to check out more gorgeous home decor inspiration, be sure to visit our Home Edit section.




All the products featured above have been chosen because we genuinely love them!  If you click on the links and make a purchase we may receive a commission at no cost to you.