Go Bold With 15 Stunning Statement Pieces For Your Living Room

Go Bold With 15 Stunning Statement Pieces For Your Living Room

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How bold does one go with their living room design?


Most of us run from the thought of anything too bold, too daring, or too loud. Let’s face it, when it comes to designing our living rooms, we mostly play it safe.  And one can't be judged for that - going bold is a risk and the fear is that you spend your hard earned euros on a space that never looks quite as fabulous as it did on Pinterest.


So how do you go bold with confidence?  You choose pieces that are bold without being garrish.  Think rich colours, daring prints and patterns, mixed metallics and an overall departure from your everyday while still being incredibly sophisticated. 


So if you're ready to take the plunge into bold living room design, then sit back and enjoy the scroll from start to finish!





#1 The Swell Three Seater Sofa from Normann Copenhagen is designed to stand out and impress. Structured with a strong wooden plywood frame and Nozaq springs, the Swell lives up to its name with rounded cold foam bolsters that are super soft and plush.  A great way to add a bold design touch without needing to go bright on the colour.


The Swell Three Seater Sofa


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#2 For a statement piece with bold colour and style, there’s nothing like the West Elm Bradford Sofa. This hand upholstered sofa is inspired by the classic Chesterfield, and brings its own superbly modern twist with its sleek silhouette, and pecan wood legs.  Bask in the deep jewel toned blue, run your hand across the soft velvet finish and add a level of sophistication that most sofas can't achieve.


West Elm Bradford Sofa




#3 Crafted from solid European oak, the Baker Soho Wide Sideboard has chic checkerboard detailing that conceals three doors, and a deep and wide space for storage, making it the perfect fit for your home.  


Baker Soho Wide Sideboard


#4 Combining creativity and precision, iconic designer Alain van Harve of Ethnicraft showcases his genius with the Teak Graphic Black Sideboard. Sitting atop sleek metal legs, the boxed-effect of this sideboard carefully conceals four sculptural doors and a huge amount of storage space within.


Teak Graphic Black Sideboard


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#5 Another terrific addition to bold home storage options from Ethnicraft, is the Teak Tabwa Black Storage cupboard from their collection inspired by Central Africa’s Tabwa culture and their love for geometric motifs. This storage cupboard is truly a work of art and will make an eye-catching focal point in your living room.


Teak Tabwa Black Storage


#6 What's a bold & sophisticated living room without your own drinks trolley?  The shiny gold finish makes it a stand alone design feature, while you can style it to perfection to suit your decor.  Think dried citrus slices, a stunning bottle of craft gin & some fancy tonic.  Or stick to drinks on the lower deck and a selection of candles and pampas grass up top.


Umi Gold Drinks Trolley



#7 Inspired by astrology and with a fun, quirky twist, the Ted Baker Zodiac Leo Rug features a bold design and vibrant colours. This gorgeous circular rug will definitely add a modern and funky vibe to your living room floor.  There is one for each Zodiac sign, we just particularly loved the Leo one!


Ted Baker Zodiac Leo Rug


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#8 Designed to stand out with its bold and multi-hued floral print, the pure wool, cut pile Stapleton Park Rosewood Rug from Sanderson will add a striking dimension to your living room and effortlessly bring it to life.


Stapleton Park Rosewood Rug


Coffee Tables:


#9 For that perfect combination of detailing with a boldly chic effect, the Cleopatra Coffee Table from Kesterport steals the show. Its stainless steel frame is the epitome of function and form, and weaves into a charming basket shape that stands out as a powerful centerpiece.


Cleopatra Coffee Table


#10 Kesterport showcases yet another powerhouse design with The Roxanne Coffee Table. Three beautifully frosted grey glass circles perched on top of a chrome casing is bold in its simplicity.


The Roxanne Coffee Table


#11 Combining wood, metal and stone, the Jupiter Sunburst Coffee Table from Baker is minimalistic in design, yet stands apart with its prominent gold-tone accents and a sleek modern finish.


Sunburst Coffee Table


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#12 With a nod to mid-century style, the two-tiered Art Display Coffee Table from West Elm makes a stunning addition to any living room. Designed to offer double the storage space, its tempered glass top sits above a wood shelf with smooth walnut veneer. The entire piece is framed in metal with a gorgeous antique brass finish.


Art Display Coffee Table




#13 Go elegantly vintage with the Sotiana two-bulb floor lamp from Lucande, and brighten up your living room with some nostalgia. Two globes of glass mounted at different heights sits atop a slender black metal stand to create a clean yet bold effect. Perfect for any corner of your living room, to add depth or a charming focal point.


Sotiana two-bulb floor lamp from Lucande


#14 Add the Jonera, black and gold curved floor lamp to your modern styled living room to create a chic minimalist effect. With its thin and deeply curved design, the Jonera features a black paint finish with striking gold in its dome-shaped shade.


Jonera, black and gold curved floor lamp


#15 Make a statement with Lindby’s Fibi Hanging Antlers Chandelier. This rustic piece of art is recreated with a nod to hunting legends, and will add a touch of grand tradition to your living room while throwing off prisms of warmth in every direction.


Lindby’s Fibi Hanging Antlers Chandelier


#16 From the Queen of aesthetic Ana Kraš in collaboration with Hay the Bonbon Shade is a visual masterpiece. Intricately hand woven around a powder coated steel frame in muted hues, with occasional pops of deep colour, the Bonbon works as a gorgeous lampshade, or a stand-alone living room decor piece.


Bonbon Shade


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