14 Lighting Options That Will Transform Your Kitchen

14 Lighting Options That Will Transform Your Kitchen

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Looking for some amazing kitchen lighting inspiration? From kitchen spotlights to downlights, gorgeous pendant lights, LEDs and more, we’ve got you covered.


We all know that kitchens are central to our everyday life, and where most of our family-life revolves. It’s often also where we entertain.


Aside from those delicious aromas of dinner cooking each evening, a kitchen in any home needs to have a warm and cozy ambiance. It can’t be too bright, or too dull and full of shadows. Getting the lighting just right is key to creating a comfortable and welcoming place for everyone to gather and share more than a meal.


Kitchen lighting comes in a variety of designs, styles, and features, and the fixtures you choose can transform your kitchen space into something special. To help you along, we’ve rounded up our top picks of the best kitchen lights we spotted this season and fell in love with. 


Pendant Lights


They’re not just for decor, and especially in the kitchen. Pendant lights make ideal toppers for island counters, and can provide just the right amount of additional lighting during meal prep and actual cooking time. The added bonus is that no matter what, pendant lights always look fabulous and add elegance and charm to a space. They’re also all the rage this year, with home decor professionals and enthusiasts alike going all out and investing in these shining beauties.


#1 A great example of classy pendant lighting are the Lindby Tirane Hanging Lights. This grouping of four lamps would make a striking display over any counter or table setting, with its stark black and white shades, and one bright pop of yellow.


Lindby Tirane Hanging Lights


#2 Lindby’s Elrond Hanging Lights are another set of four stunning, bell-shaped grille lamps suspended by rope from a branch of wood. The combination of rustic and modern are fused to perfection in this bold and earthy design.


Elrond Hanging Lights


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#3 Modern and elegant, the Rangina Pendant Lamp from Lindby will add versatility and function to any kitchen space. Suspended from an iron panel in classic black, the lamps are designed in two-colour tones that throw off a coppery glow from the top half of each sphere, and muted white lighting from the bottom to create a lovely cosy kitchen ambiance.


Rangina Pendant Lamp from Lindby



#4 Shaped entirely like falling droplets of water, the Elie LED Hanging Light from Shculler is understated elegance at its finest. Suspended from a sleek, adjustable metal panel, the four blown glass lamps are chrome-plated at the top and balloon gently at the bottom to create a refined look that will beautifully enhance any kitchen table.


Elie LED Hanging Light


#5 Smart, and eye-catching, these Hilton Hanging Lights by Euluna, are designed to become the focal point in any kitchen space. Made entirely from metal in striking black and gold, and suspended from two slender rods with a metal frame, these trendy and on-point lamps will add a bold punch to your kitchen like no other.


Hilton Hanging Lights by Euluna


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#6 There is pretty, and then there’s the Carlton Pendant Luminaire from Eglo. Suspended from a single metal frame, this trio of gorgeous white and gold lamps drop like a stunning crystal necklace and throw off prisms of gentle light that will illuminate your kitchen space with subtle sophistication.


Carlton Pendant Luminaire from Eglo


LED Panels


Rising in popularity for being the safer, easier-to-install, and longer-lasting option in lighting, LED Panel lights are one of the better choices for any kitchen space. They are not only cost and energy-efficient, but also create a peaceful and pleasant ambiance, and illuminate rooms brilliantly.


#7 The Brenda CCT LED Panel Light from ARCCHIO is a great kitchen lighting choice if you’re looking for function and versatility. With an RGB backlight and adjustable main lighting, this ceiling installation is designed to light up large spaces according to your taste. The brightness level of the main LED pane, as well as the luminous colour are adjustable via remote control.


Brenda CCT LED Panel Light from ARCCHIO


#8 Another option from ARCCHIO is the sleeker Lysander LED Panel Ceiling Light. Structured in a smart rectangle shape, and featuring luminous warm light, and daylight colours that can be adjusted via remote control, this panel light works seamlessly into both smaller and larger kitchens to provide a single source of light.


Lysander LED Panel Ceiling Light


Downlights & Spotlights


The lighting arrangement in any room of the house is key, and for that added touch of illuminating glam there are downlights and spotlights. These lights work to highlight accents and bring focus to objects and selected spaces. Both downlights and spotlights also work wonderfully in kitchens with less natural light, and spread light and beauty all at once.


#9 Simple and effective, the Davin Cylinder Downlight from AECCHIO is compact and perfect for smaller spaces or kitchen hallways. Structured from aluminium and iron in solid black, and designed in a basic rounded shape to appeal to all tastes, the Davin can work as a stand-alone spotlight fixture or grouped in rows to add the versatility and style of downlights.


Davin Cylinder Downlight from AECCHIO


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#10 With their low installation depth, smart aluminium-coloured finish, and adjustable light bulb insets that allow for lighting versatility, Lindby’s Andrej LED Recessed Downlights are an ideal choice for any kitchen space. Grouped in a set of three, these chic lights are the perfect way to add an artistic finishing touch to your kitchen.


Andrej LED Recessed Downlights


#11 Add mood and sophistication to your kitchen ceiling with the Fueva-C Recessed LED Downlight from EGLO Connect. Trendy and modern in a cool nickel-matt finish, the Fueva-C are also smart lights, and feature Bluetooth technology for seamless control via app or remote. Have fun adjusting your kitchen lighting between warm white, multicoloured, or cool white illumination, and set the mood for every meal!


Fueva-C Recessed LED Downlight from EGLO Connect


Under Cabinet Lighting


Under cabinet lights add safety, function and style all at once. They can be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen space, and turn an ordinary spot into a classy focal point.


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#12 Ideal for shelves to highlight your beautiful kitchenware, the LED Recessed Light IN-Stick by HERA is your best bet. Its warm recessed light organically draws the eye to a focal point, or whichever accents you want to highlight on a shelf, or under a cabinet. The overall effect is soft and muted, adding warm tones and a cosy feel.


LED Recessed Light IN-Stick by HERA


#13 A cool yet functional option is the LED Trunking Light Strip from Star Trading. This one-meter long battery-operated light features a motion sensor that works well above hot-spot counter spaces, or inside a kitchen larder for easy access and instant lighting.


LED Trunking Light Strip


#14 Go for a chic and modernist look in your kitchen with the Sky Under-Cabinet Luminaire from HERA. This stand-out set of two warm white light fixtures is made from plastic, and features a mountable sonar dimmer complete with memory function, built-in LEDs, and a sleek stainless steel finish.


Sky Under-Cabinet Luminaire from HERA


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