12 Statement Lights That Will Add Wow Factor In Any Room

12 Statement Lights That Will Add Wow Factor In Any Room

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Statement lights can add that final wow-factor to any room with the flick of a switch. 


If you're looking around your home and feeling underwhelmed, it might be time to cast a new light on the space.  You might be surprised by the impact that a statement light can have.  


Not just from the overall aesthetic of the light fitting, but also the brightening of the room, the vibe it creates and patterns it casts.  There are countless choices when it comes to lights so we've found 12 of the best that cover a range of styles and colours. 




#1 The copper detailed, six-bulb Bravo hanging lights brilliantly showcases the beauty of timeless and classic pendant lighting. Suspended from black painted steel, each of the six bulbs are embellished with bold and earthy copper for a striking monochrome effect. Structured to throw light in every direction, the Bravo hanging lights is a showstopper for your living or dining room.


Six-Bulb Bravo Hanging Lights


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#2 We love the unique boho-chic and old-world fusion of this Juliette Chandelier. Swapping traditional crystals for chalked wooden beads to give a more earthy vibe!  This statement piece doesn't just look great, but also creates beautiful fragmentation of the light on the surroudning walls and ceiling!


Juliette Chandelier


#3 For a stylish and modern interior, this bold black and gold Ritana Aluminium Pendant LED Light would fit perfectly. The sleek black cable transitions smoothly into a sophisticated balloon canopy shade.  The rich gold inner bowl is structured to collect light and drop it in a single downward point, making it an ideal contemporary dining table topper.


Ritana Aluminium Pendant LED Light


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#4 Indulge your inner romantic with the classic Ancona Noble Roses Chandelier. This stand-out six-bulb decor piece is crafted from metal and embellished with dusky pink roses and leaf detailing. The candle bulbs pull the whole piece together in vintage Florentine style that draws the eye and warms the heart.


Ancona Noble Roses Chandelier


#5 Showcasing just how versatile and elegant an LED lamp can be, lighting guru Auron sets the tone with the sleek nickel-finish Height-adjustable Hanging Lamp. Combining two horizontal light-encasing metal spirals in a perfect weave pattern, this hanging lamp comes with four dimmer levels to give off a unique lighting effect, and creates a stunning focal point in a minimalist setting.


Height-adjustable Hanging Lamp


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#7 In beautiful gold and amber tones, the Sol Glass Hanging Light from Euluna is designed to add glamour and sophistication to any room in the home. Crafted from metal and glass in an artistic sphere with a narrow suspension rod, the Sol Light makes a brilliant stand-alone decor piece for a muted yet eye-catching look.


Sol Glass Hanging Light


#8 From the simplistic design that combines with the monochrome colour palette, the Lindby Saoli Hanging Lights is what making a style statement is all about. Featuring six cylinder-shaped, movable light cylinders in gold, that are set on a circular, black metal frame.  Control the angle of the lighting to showcase certain features - this light is all elegance. 


Lindby Saoli Hanging Lights


#9 Plush, sedate and elegant, the Duo Hanging Light from Euluna is designed to soothe the senses and add the finishing touch to your living room. With its classic contemporary structure and gorgeous velvet detailing in navy, grey and gold hues, this is one decor piece that’s a must-have for any luxurious space.


Duo Hanging Light from Eulun


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#10 Lighting with a dual purpose! The Grisela Pendant Luminaire from Lindby, brings light with the added benefit of a decorative shelf.  Create a hanging garden, give your herb garden an elevated position or really add anything you'd like.   A sleek suspension shelf in matt black painted steel is suspended from steel cables, and features four  E27 down-facing lampholders with LED flame lamps for a stunning overall effect.


Grisela Pendant Luminaire


#11 Old-world splendor and elegance never looked better than in the stunning 24 carat gold-plated hanging light Cupola from KÖGL. From its shimmering glass crystals suspended from a solid gold-plated structure, this classic piece will add fairy-tale romance, refinement, and glamour to a living room or entryway like no other.


24 carat gold-plated hanging light Cupola from KÖGL


#12 Minimalist and modern, the Tamlin LED Wooden Linear Pendant Lamp from LUCANDE will add a simplistically stylish touch to any room. Crafted in a single plank design from light and natural beechwood, and suspended from sleek metal rods, this Scandinavian-style pendant lamp is adjustable and features a dimmer for setting a more personal lighting tone in your room.


Tamlin LED Wooden Linear Pendant Lamp



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