10 of the Most Beautiful Rugs We’ve Ever Seen (Seriously)

10 of the Most Beautiful Rugs We’ve Ever Seen (Seriously)

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A rug used to be a thing of necessity and as such lacked any real aesthetic appeal. 


But then a beautiful thing happened and rugs became a focal part of room design.  Any room.  They can be used to divide spaces or make others appear larger, add colour to a neutral zone or tone down other statement pieces - the rug is exceptionally versatile.


But there are rugs (think first time moving out of home IKEA number) and then there are THESE rugs. 


Forget searching pins, stop scrolling on #statementrug, exit your Google search and instead bask in the beauty below. 


#1 With the ultimate combination of street art and graphic design, the Channels Copper Organic & Abstract Rug by Kelly Wearstiler is everything  you need to ramp up your living room appeal. Beautifully hand knotted with Tibetan wool and silk, this stand-out statement rug boasts hand painted brushstrokes fused into coppery metallic silk stripes on a creamy woven palette.


Channels Copper Organic & Abstract Rug


#2 Modern Swirl by Paul Smith is part of our collection of gorgeous must-have hand knotted rugs this season. With the ultimate bright & bold colour palette in a classic swirl design, the vibrancy of this daring piece blends with soft jewel tones on lush Tibetan wool to give any focal point the perfect balance.


Modern Swirl by Paul Smith


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#3 Always on point with unique style, the House of McQueen legends showcase their ingenuity this season with their signature wings motif in the daring Beetle Rug. Handwoven with plush wool and luxurious silk, the elegantly bold and glossy monochrome tones of Beetle are designed to embellish a grand entryway and instantly draw every eye.


The Daring Beetle Rug


#4 Nothing says elegance and beauty quite like this smoothly stunning stand-alone Glasswings rug from the iconic House of McQueen. Made entirely from silk in eau de nil hues, this intricately detailed luxury statement rug showcases McQueen’s signature pair of butterfly wings in a bold print with a delicate shimmer finish.


Glasswings Rug


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#5 With a splash of vibrant colour and a dazzling floral print, the Rose & Peony Cerise Rug from Sanderson is an exquisite combination of modern femininity and timeless luxury. This hand-tufted cut pile rug promises to enhance any living space with just the right touch of elegance and class, and through every season.


Rose & Peony Cerise Rug


#6 Creating an element of harmony by combining soft texture and beautiful colors in a connecting linked print, Ted Baker’s Masquerade Blue Rug will add symmetry and balance to your floor, as well as those pops of playful warmth every home needs.


Masquerade Blue Rug


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#7 With a distinct artistic style, Ted Baker shows up once more in our collection to wow with the Jardin Pink Rug. This stellar piece made from new wool and viscose, vibrates with personality and color. The bold and striking pattern pairs effortlessly with both simplistic and statement furniture pieces, and the blooming hues are blended to brighten any given space.


Jardin Pink Rug


#8 Another thrilling statement rug by design icon Alexander McQueen, the Painted Lady rug speaks of unmatched elegance and class like no other. Crafted from soft wool and lustrous silk, the Painted Lady rug is richly textured, and emphasizes the lines of a butterfly in flight in bold detail. Add depth, color and form to your room with this creative masterpiece!


The Painted Lady Rug


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#9 Paying homage to femininity and romance, the iconic ‘Queen of Print’ Mary Katrantzou presents this stunning palette of blown-up flowers in a hand knotted Tibetian silk & wool cut pile rug aptly titled Botanical Paradise. Featuring a dazzling combination of deep and muted pinks with pops of whites & yellows for a perfect dramatic effect, this stylish rug will enhance everything from a girly bedroom to a dining area.


Botanical Paradise


#10 If you love colours and stripes, the Artist Stripe rug by Paul Smith is the perfect statement rug addition to any room in your home. Hand knotted with silk and matte wool, and using a combination of pile heights that add texture and depth, the Artist Stripe Rug with its classic structure and gorgeously melding hues, will set the tone in your hallway, or pair well with an elegant single-seater.


The Artist Stripe Rug


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