We're Perfect Property. Nice to meet you.

About Us

We are committed to improving the experience of searching for your next home to rent or buy.

We didn't want to build a platform that was a wishlist of everything we felt was needed when searching for our next perfect property, so we asked you. The answer was loud and clear.

75% of you wish that real estate listing websites were easier to use.98.5% said they would use a new website if it offered a better experience. Perfect Property have created the smart way to search, jam packing in all the features that you asked for:

Hidden Gem

64% wished that they were able to search by a must have feature such as a back garden.

Perfect Room

82% would like to be shown the potential in a property.

What’s Nearby

67% asked to be shown what's nearby covering restaurants & bars, transport, schools and supermarkets.

With 87.5% of you revealing you don't feel loyal to the current websites (we promise we won't tell), Perfect Property realised that you needed more, which is why we are here.